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Greece in Covid 

Free Entrance for visitors to Greece, with no testing nor quaranine 

The government’s plan “Restart Tourism” project is evolving on two fronts:

The first is the domestic one and the second concerns the o...

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The protocols 

established by the Tourism Enterprise in Greece, the Greek State and recqiured upon your social behavior of keeping social distancing and  health hygiene etiquette, 

for a healthy and happy stay in Greece. 

Stay healthy while you travel to Greece!

Greece is the Land of Health

This is Greek yo me !



A mask or facial cover is mandatory

  • in public transportation,
  • taxis,
  • elevators
  • hospitals, clinics, diagnostic centers.  
  • Masks are recommended in supermarkets, 
  • hair salons and other enclosed spaces.  
Violators may be fined 150 Euros.
Social distancing measures are in effect until further notice.


Αccording to the COVID-19  - Guidance for hotels and travelers’ accommodation facilities published by the National Pubic Health Organization of Greece, 

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Eternal Greece 

Nostalgia is Greece 

Puzzle out Milos during the quarantine!

Play Milos , make the Klima Village 

Sunny Greece


Enjoy the sun on this blessed piece of earth ,

Build up vitmain D for your body to enrich your health and defence system in the fight against covid , Relax and be Mndful for the chance to be here , alive, in vacation time ! 


This is Greek2m!


Learn Why Greece is the Safest Place for Vacation this summer 

Healing Greece