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the #ISIS Gate that's #Greece


Investigation held by the Greek authorities and secret services of Italy, Norway, Germany and  EU countries, show Greece as a junctional center of ISIL acivity in Europe and provides details for jihadists recruitments in Greece over the Internet, empowered also by the presence of ISIS chief terrorists in Athens

fully updated article, Dec.12, 2016

Possible member of ISIS the Syrian who abused his kid in Chios hotspot

Greek police is investigating possible ties to terrorist groups in Syria of the man who was arrested abusing a chid in the camp of Chios, which he claimled was his son 

The release of a shocking video footage of the 31-year-old Syrian refugee tormenting the young boy in the showers at the Souda refugee camp in Chios,  .... Read Post »

ISIS Fake Passports through Greece

Hundreds of illegal Iranian migrants, Syrianst and Pakistani, including suspected Islamist terrorists, were smuggled into Britain and other EU countries by a network selling fake passports for up to  15 000 euros,  Greek investigators said.

Greek and British police arrested the traffickers ring, 33 suspects...  Full Post Dec.13 »

The Moroccan who rented ISIS flats in Greece

The Moroccan man arrested in Germany after the Berlin attack, .Redouane S had been allegedly renting flats in Turkey and Greece between October 2014 and Spring 2015 that were used by cell members to plan the attacks. He is charged with helping to plot the deadly ISIS attack in Paris in November 2015 and being part t of the terror cell which included ringleader leader Abdelhamid Ab...Read Full Post 

The bloody Festive Season 

Jean-Claude Juncker 

President of the European Commission

 'The best way to fight terror is with “openness.  It would be wrong to put all refugees under suspicion . “Anyone who pounces on the rhetoric of exclusion is helping the extremists’ way of thinking, which strengthens their spiral of hate.” , Dec.26, 2016

Donald Trump  

US President  

“Isis and other Islamist terrorists continually slaughter Christians in their communities and places of worship as part of their global 

“... with their regional and worldwide networks must be eradicated from the face of the earth, a mission we will carry out with all freedom-loving partners.” find that

Angela Merkel's 

photo tweeted  by a provocative message of the leader of the Dutch far-right, with blood on her hands as he blamed Europe's 'cowardly leaders' for a 'tsunami' of Islamic terrorist attacks

Angela Merkel  stated  she is 'shocked, shaken and deeply saddened' by the attack on  Berlin Christmas market while Germany is mourning for at least 12 people dead

Vladimir Putin

Russian President 

'We will give them NO QUARTER'  Russia promised to give terrorists 'no quarter' .

Putin's top men have promised to battle jihadi terror nuts. 

Foreign minister Sergei Lavrov made the comments before meeting with the Turkish Foreign Ministry in Ankara.

Who will crash into the next Christmas market ? #ISIS fanatics threaten for more attacks in #Europe

Festive Christmas Spirit in Europe is gone wrote the NYT today. while  the West-hating militants are using Facebook and messaging app Telegram ...

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The Missing Migrants Issue

Europe Aegean frontier rep.

As many as 13,000 people who registered in Greece’s migrant camps are unaccounted for and could have slipped north into Europe, according to European Immigration. officials by the a review of Europe’s Aegean frontier.
By greek2m.org article Dec 8, Find it
Britain sends experts to Greece to help on better tackling smugglers, while FRONTEX accuses NGOs for colluding with them, December 15, 2016

The UK is to send a team of experts to Greece to help root out economic migrants from the flow of refugees coming into Europe, allowing them to be sent back quicker,...Read Full Post »

Gree2m Early Warning  Report
Since Sept. 2016  senior Greek government circles have admitted to German press  that the luck and whereabout of over 10 000 refugees is unclear, by no one knowing  where or whether they are still in Greece.

This number of "missing" refugees is in reality much higher


  Greek2m Newsblog Sept 9, 2016
Tsipras Berlin visit clouded by Freiburg case wrote 
Deutsche  Welle... 

Europe knew the coming attacks

Last month, US counter-terror experts warned European countries of a "heightened risk of terror attacks" at Christmas-themed events.
  • The US State Department said it had "credible information" that militants were planning attacks throughout Europe over the festive season.

It specifically warned tourists to "exercise caution at holiday festivals, events, and outdoor markets".

  • European intelligence services were also aware of the threat of possible attacks across the continent in the run-up to Christmas.
  • The UK Foreign Office told British travellers to Germany to "remain vigilant" at "Christmas markets and other major events that might attract large crowds".

  • Defense Ministry: Personal Safety Alert 

    Official Safety  Alert to Greek Armed Forces

    Personal Safety Guidelines have been sent to the Greek Armed Forces Personel by the Ministry of Greek National Defence.tressing that it is not considered safe to walk alone in the areas close to hot spots and that emergency calls should be installed as an option in case fo Emergency 24/7  Read Full Post »

    The inhuman conditions in which refugees find themselves trapped in Greek hotspots and refugee camps, provide fertile ground for jihadists to develop their radical ideas


    The Rapes' 

    Germany slams Greece for letting the Afghan killer lost, enter Germany

    Maria Ladenburger was raped and murdered while cycling home from a student party in Freiburg, Germany, Dec. 2016
    Spyridoula Haidou, the  20 years old student robbed by Hussein, then thrown from the hi 8 meters high hll, CorfuGreece, 2013

    Free from jail also... !

    Free from jail also the four rapists videotaped their underaged

     Pakistani vicitim in Moria Restrictions, but not an outright remand, were slapped against four Pakistani juveniles accused of raping an underage compatriot at a “hot spot” on the eastern Aegean island of Lesvos.

    The four teens allegedly also videotaped the attack with the mobile phones, police said. Read Full Post»

    Local Communities under threat 

    Vandals on Saturday Dec 18, 2016 set fire on a Greek Orthodox church  of Archangel Michael in the Lagolio village of Crete, infuriating locals.. Find post 

    The inhabitants of the Greek island of Lesvos are concerned about the sharp rise in crime wlhile a series of burglaries occurred in the administrative center of the island city of Mytilene,in the shops of the central shopping street.

     Only on Friday, Dec.16 evening...

    Greek intelligence officers have discovered the Turkish plans which they say involve thousands of dinghies and motorboats

     already being gathered along Turkey's western coast.. 

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    Erdogan's threats

    Turkey will open up border gates if “EU goes further”, that’s the
    scenario, said by Erdoğan

    We are the ones who feed 3m-3.5m refugees in this country. You have betrayed your promises. If you go any further those border gates will be opened.


    flammable words

    Greek -Turkish Defense Ministers' flammable words[

    reek army ready to respond to any threats, Defense Minister says

    “When they threaten our country we shall respond and they should know that we are not prepared to back down on...Go »

    The "tensed" Diplomacy

    #Turkey encouraging crossing to #Greece, say migrant newcomers

    Four boats carrying 200 hundred migrants from African countries arrived on the island of Lesvos between 3 a.m. and 6 a.m. Friday Dec.9, setting authorities and residents on alert and making it clear that ...

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    Espionage in Aegean

    German retiree living in Greece, admitted in court that he was part of a network of German and other Western European residents of Greece recruited as spies by Turkish intelligence, he was born in Cold-War era East Germany ...

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    (Finally) Greece asks islands' decongestion 

    Tragedy accident in Lesvos Hot Spot 

    Grandmama burned with grandchild in refugee camp after a portable cooking gas stove explosion inside a tent set on fire part of the Moria refugee camp ...more 

    Interior ministers, the EU Commissioner Dimitris Avramopoulos  and Greek Migration Minister Yiannis Mouzalas sent a letter to the EU for the island;s decongestion stressing that migrant over-

    population on islands such as Lesbos and Chios in the Aegean Sea is unbearable.

    The letter said, the Greek government believes that migrants from countries where there is a low chance of getting asylum - Pakistan, Morocco and Algeria - should be transferred to "pre-removal centres in the mainland" where they shouldl be kept under tight security before being returned to Turkey. find article 


    Cold blood statement by the gov

    We will not

    decongest  soon the islands. This is a difficult deal, the EU-Turkey deal.

    No one should risk it.

    Yiannis Mouzalas, Greek Minister of Migration, Greek Parliament, Nov 25, 2015

    A Deal or Not a Deal


    Mayor of Lesvos, by the (governing) coalition Party Independent Greeks

    "You say it's a deal 
    and you cannot risk 
    to  break it,
     So you made
     a Wrong Deal !"

    Manolis Vournous

    Mayor of Chios, by the  (opposition) party New Democracy 

    "We do not trust the
    government's tactics and politics on refugee crisis, We refuse the creation of new hot spots " 

    Dimitris Sevastakis 

    MP of Samos by the (governing) SYRIZA 

    "The Article 14 of the Agreement allows the transfer of refugees to the mainland if the governor considers it under certain conditions".

    Migration Ministry tactics denounced

    Refugee cost per year 15000 in Greece, 12000 in Norway

    "Norway has analogically more refugees in the country than Greece ,compared by population,but spends obviously less per refugee. The average cost in Norway, per year, is 12,000 (euros). while in Greece it has reached the 15,000, per refugee per year " said OdysseasVoudouris while resigning from his governmental post as the Ge... Read Full Post »

    from within

    The  Minister of Migration insists ignoring and delaying since July the assistance offered by the  UNHCR to support and enhance reception service with 118 contractors, denounced the ex General Secretary on Re...

    Read Post » Clouds in #GreekGovt-#UNHCR @Refugees cooperation
    Vaccine prices are 20 times higher in refugee camps, aid group charges aid group charges

    Doctors Without Borders (MSF) has decried the high cost humanitarian organizations pay for vaccines – up to 20 times the normal prices – for vulnerable children in refugee settings. MSF and Save the Children are calling on drug companies to lower vaccine prices.Humanitarian organiz...

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    Humanitarian organizations repeated Calls

     HRW research on the terrible conditions in the Greek ‘hot spots’  extremely shocking Human Rights Watch report after the HRW visit..
    The Unsanitary hot spots, as reported by UNHCR

    None of the three centers Human Rights Watch visited on Samos, Lesbos, and Chios, separate single women from unrelated adult men, and all three are unsanitary and severely overcrowded.

     “In Europe’s version of refugee camps, women and children who fled war face daily violence and live in fear,” said Bill Frelick, re..Read Full Post »

    #Greece: A Public health #disaster looms

    The true impact of the country’s failed health system won’t become clear until a sizable outbreak erupts, a doctor with the nongovernmental organization Médecins du Monde (MdM).said to Foreign Affairs, April 2016 find that