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President of Greece's Municipalities: "Make #Athens The Capital Again"

Posted by moodhacker on July 23, 2017 at 3:10 PM

"We, the citizens of Athens, should make Athens Proud Again of what she deserves, of what our guests expect from their, fifth worldwide,  most popular destination city in the world. We should Make #Athens #TheCapital" Again, proud again on responding on public safety issues and thre4ats , on protection provided to citizens and travelers, on Public Health Safety guarantees and prevention actions, , on emergencies' response against deestructions, fatalities, and po0litical apathy. We, the Athenians,  should take the Capital's fate in our hands ..."

The President of Greece's Municipalities, and Mayor of Marousi, President of Athens Medical Association and President of the Global Greek Doctors Institute, George Patoulis  defended  Athens and Αthenians by denouncing the  Authorities apathy towards the chaos, in which the Greek capital is often let to be with no response,  during the presentation of his political Inititative for a Citizens Coalition for Athens, An Acvtive Citizens Group , Non Governmental and Non Profit named "Athens, The Capital Again ."

Im born  in Petralona, in the centre of Athens and have3 been raised there, My elderly mother, swtill lives there4 alone,.Every moment Icvannot be close, and no one else is around, I feel she is not safe. So many  lonely elderly Athenians live under those threats every day, and cannot sleep in the nights, so many of them are murdered and killed  by criminals, unnamed migrants, or are injurede by anarchists and  protesters 

"We feel frustrated about the fatalities and chaos  that Greece's Capital, Athens,  often shows to the world ,  even in the heart of the tourist season .

Being a capital  so popular and so admired by the world's citizens. since ever, and even more by the travelers today, Athens should protect its heritage and stand on its position , Athnes has to maintaining  the upper class level of civilization for worlds citizens and its citizens,  it deserves

We  often feel Frustrated about how often Nobody Cares and Nobody Αnswers , but We do not feel surrendered.

We are angry for the repetitiveness and the long duration of  chaotic situations and  anarchist's attacks in the Greek shoppers properties, on the Athenians' residents and shops, the most sacred things of  their lives, which is what Greeks call home, whast every Athenian has built or bought in this sacred city, and the cfdity itself.

 We are angry  for the abscence of the citizens and visitors personal protection by the authorities, for  the abscence of Politicians In charge,  and we are  determined to change everything that disturbs us."

We believe that today's image of Athens does not fit into the Grandeur that's Athens in the yeys of the entire worl.

During the Press conference for the presentation of Active Citizens' Club "Athens Capital Again"  by the Acropolis  on the background at DIONYSOS Restaurant the President of Greek Municipalities  also expressed his disappointment  the closed stores, damaged buildings, poorly maintained infrastructure, the  open spaces, the migration issues , the difficulties that Athnes citizens experience in any corner of the city  their everyday life. I

"We are jealous and we should not, when traveling to the other capitals of Europe, and make comparisons. 

We feel indignant with the lack of respect shown in this city not only by anarchists and minorities but also by the Central State itself.

That's why we refuse to compromise with decay and abandonment."

George  Patoulis in the St.George Park, Kypseli, at the downtown area, with friends from the neighborhood and talks about the Athens Capital Initiative

The president of KEDE criticized the deputy Citizen Protection Minister Nikos Toskas, asking him to "assume his responsibilities for the security of the cities and in particular of Athens, otherwise to transfer his powers to the first degree of self-government".

We refuse to compromise because we believe that one of the most important reasons that intensify the misery and suffocation that we feel is the feeling of a     resignation around us wherever we look in Athens.

There are currently 45 people in the group, but Giorgos Patoulis called on the citizens to participate in it to "make Athens again, the Capital of Greece, an a locomotive of the developmental regeneration of our country".


The Vice President of the Group is the well known professor - seismologist Efthimios Lekkas and secretary Dimitra Lykoudi, Advisor to the 6th Municipal Community of Athens and mother with six children.

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