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Attention: The-mosquitoes in Attica Region, Greece, and in Athens are infected!

Posted by moodhacker on July 16, 2013 at 1:40 PM


The public health authorities , being set in emergency mobility for any West Nile virus infections this year, expressed their enormous concern today , Tuesday July16, for the protection of the Greek population and of the foreign visitors from any possible West Nile epidemic, while the Greek CDC announced the first confirmed case of WN in the region of Attica.

The Greek CDC’s Surveillance and Public Health Protection teams are on the alert, and on behalf of the Ministry of Health, the Greek CDC has set on the Infectious Alert coordination network , so that hospitals and all the health centers in Greece are informed, and 24/7 updated, to contribute to the early detection of any new cases of the epidemic, and to provide direct health assistance to Greeks or foreigners that may have contracted the virus.


Cooperation between all competent authorities to combat the EMERGENCY of the West Virus in Greece, becomes, each year since 2010, another one greek epic.

Decisions and Actions include the “communication-interaction and coordination” of the Greek CDC by the Minstry of Health with the Ministry of Agricultural Development and basically, the municipalities and regions administrations throughout the country which, all, are under the umbrella of the Minster of Internal Affairs .

Even though in 2013 our best national financial survival expectations do lay, –almost exclusively- on the tourists visiting Greece this summer, few , really, do worry about the Public Health Safety of these tourists . (It’s old news, anyway, that Greeks in Charge –do-not- worry -about Greeces safety on the Global Health Village.)

Greek CDC has raised flag for emergency awareness throughout the whole country , in mainland Greece, in Attiki region especially, -where through almost all tourists travel to the islands,- and also for the Northern Greece, Thrace and Macedonia where since the summer of 2010 large outbreaks have occurred.


Unfortunately , this year, and especially on these present days, the Attica region is considered most and extremely dangerous for possible infections since the mosquitoes’ populations are already found to be infected by the WNV , as official sources told the and other local media .

The Greek CDC has repeatedly, since early summer of 2013, alerted the muinicipalities in danger for WNV infections and esppecially for the Attiki region ,for the early Spraying urgency which, according to the international scientific Recommendations, had to be completed ,much earlier  than  July.

The contamination incident was announced today as the first official case of the WN in Greece ,is an elderly patient with underlying diseases Last year outbreaks were recorded in Attica, in Thessaloniki, Chalkidiki, Pella, Imathia, Kavala, Aetoloakarnania and Evia. Xanthi, Drama, Achaia, Lefkada, Corfu, Samos and Arta.


Greek CDC's ( KEELPNO,HCDC)  analysts highlight that the above areas mentioned are in red alert, in terms of contamination risk for their residents, but do not exclude the possibility of an aggressive appearance of the virus in new areas without such background.


Despite the last years’ fatal experience and the Greek CDC emergency alerts, today, mid of July, Attica is boiling blindly by its swarms .

 Visit the West Nile in Greece greek2m Web Page


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