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It's a promise to come true. Santorini after five days will have airconditions and light!!! Dramatic Crisis on the Dramatic View scene

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August 17, 2013

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Maria Papapanagiotou


Two of the governments' ministers arrived urgently on Santorini on Friday, when the island was already living in the dark  for four days . Prime Minister's Antonis Samaras  demanded the island's power to be totally restored, and the blackouts to come to an end, after more than 100 hours that left the elite, and not only, and numerous visitors in a greek-made unique crisis.

National expectations for the well pronounced, but not  realised, "greecovery"  through the popularity of the greek natural Beauty of the islands , -by Santorini coming on top of them-, are during the last week  sinking in the " Dark Seabed" of the picturisque  island,  on the peak of  the tourist Season, while Santorini is hosting in numbers  the most of it's global and local visitors, who have landed here carrying the most of their dreamful expectations, and in most cases have paid it much .

Now numerous travelers ask for at least  half of their money back!




"The restoration [of power] is progressing very well. Tonight the electricity problems will be totally solved ", said the Minister of Internal Affairs Yiannnis Michelakis to the  reporters on his departure.on Friday, but that changed, also, Friday evening  to a deadline till Saturday. Since Saturday morning, indeed,  the technicians of the Public Power Corporation reported  that this prediction could finally be realised, but reminded to all Hotel managers, Restaurant owners, and  to the island's residents, that consumption of Power should be managed with care, since the population of Santorini on this very moment is five times higher than during the rest of the  year .

Local correspondents reported  also on Saturday morning that there have been, during those "dark" five days several departures or attempts for changes on vacation plans of quite a lot  of travelers, and also, lots of demands of the tourists to their Hotel owners or tourist operators,  for a discount up to 50%  on the paid prices,  since such an accident,  long delay, and unceratinty on restoration is beyond any expectation. Time is money , and global travelers know that well. 


But having set the island's visitors and local population on the stand-by  for a 100 hours plus, yet, since Tuesday night, under such extreme heat on a rocky island, might not be experienced finally  as romantic as the travelers might have dreamed . Such an accident  certainly is  “THE unthinkable waste"  - on travel terms-,  for a demanding level and number of international tourists, that may have planned for over than one year how to spent their holidays on this world-wide popular destination,  which might have taken them to reach half a planet distance of travel or more.....!

Tourists have come here from all over the world, said several Santorini residents talking to the local island news channel on Friday, by emphasizing that the visitors' patience has gone beyond its end . "It is ruining , hour by hour, the travellers'  plans, and there were a lot of them who attempted to leave the island or  to change their destination as soon as possible"  hotel owners told the Santorini news net on Friday.

"On this very special - and so damaged for the Greeks year, Santorini is expecting a record number of tourists, possibly more than 1.9 million in numbers", the island's mayor Anastasios-Nikolaos Zorzos stated

Thursday night, and before the Prime Minister's intervention that finally sent the Ministers of Tourism and of Intenal affairs "for an autopsy", as said, -even late-, on the spot, the Mayor of Santorini had dramatically appealed publicly.... "for a minister to appear"  and  visit Santorini  "on crisis".

Still , the Minister of Tourism Olga Kefalogianni spoke publicly "of a succress in the handling of a crisis " teasing the opposition parties to immediately react derogatorily.

“This is a tragic trivialization of one of the first global travel destinations at the peak of the tourist season” stated the opposition party SYRIZA on Friday , and added: "The mission of the two ministers that arrived today on the island of Santorini was a fake attempt , once again, to skew the reality and “evaporate” from the real story all the serious and disastrous consequences that already screwed up our national credibility on the Travel Industry, by a “non credible’ , prolonged uncertainty built up by official lies …"

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