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Europe this is the Success! (story, for Greece) Isn't it ?

Posted by moodhacker on March 24, 2014 at 12:40 AM

 Opposition to EU/IMF bailout party 2 % plus ahead of the governing party in Greece, which, holding the crown of European Presidency on these moments,  boasts for the Greek Success Story ...



Greece's main opposition leader is certain that a left-wing government will be in power by early 2015 and sates that  the top priority of this government will be to negotiate a lightening of the country's "unsustainable debt," according to an interview published in a Sunday, March 23, newspaper to Vima.

By a recent Poll , conducted for the newspaper Pontiki,  - Greece's anti-austerity opposition held a two-point lead over the ruling conservatives, in the latest opinion poll before European elections in May, that are viewed as a test of support for Prime Minister Antonis Samaras's shaky coalition, the Reuters reported on March21.. 

Polls so far had shown the two parties running neck-and-neck or with the opposition party Syriza slightly ahead, noted Reuters' article.

"The present coalition government of conservatives and socialists could collapse this year if the Radical Left Coalition wins the May European election by a big margin", party leader Alexis Tsipras told on his March 23 interview on the Vima newspaper  

 Alexis Tsipras,, who is  also the European Left's candidate for the presidency of the European Commission, pledges to keep Greece in the eurozone, says he doesn't seek special treatment for Greece but adds, though, that if Greece's eurozone partners don't agree on further cutting the country's debt, he will unilaterally stop servicing

On the Sunday interview  Tsipras said  his government would include technocrats from outside the party. He said his government would be a left-leaning government but added that his party would also represent a more conservative part of the electorate that has been disappointed in the governing conservatives and socialists.

In an earlier  speech at Ioannina two days before,  in northwestern Greece's Ipiros prefecture,  main opposition SYRIZA leader Alexis Tsipras criticised the government for its plans to distribute the primary surplus "of unhappiness, tragedy and blood" as another attempt to gloss over things  before May's local government and Europarliament elections.

Tsipras personally attacked Prime Minister Antonis Samaras for "trying to convince (people) about his 'success story' by handing out two or three hundred-euro bills before elections" and Finance Minister Yannis Stournaras, whom he called "an alchemist," for his "disaster accounting."


He criticised the new agreement with the troika of lenders as "a new memorandum" and called on ruling New Democracy and PASOK deputies not to vote for the new bill that will incorporate the specific agreements reached. "The future of the country and its people depend on your vote," he said.

The main opposition leader called on Samaras and the troika to visit Ipiros prefecture "to see the government's 'success story.'...Ipiros, with the lowest per capita GDP, and a champion in unemployment" (among Greek areas). "Come here to see the 'primary surplus'...and the human resources bleeding out of the land ,,, " Alexis Tsiptras emphasised.


The Reality Behind the Greek 'Success Story', by Huffington Post, UK

The idea that Greece is moving towards resolving its financial problems and re-entering the financial markets is a fallacy and a fantasy, but even if it were possible, the price the Greeks have paid - and are going to pay - is immeasurable and avoidable," emphasises in its  article the Huffington Post on March 29, focusing on one-by-one the factors which, scientifically assessed by the Lancet , explain why austerity is killing Greeks :


  • There has been a marked increase cases of infectious diseases, including HIV and others such as malaria and TB not seen in decades have re-emerged
  • As a result of rapidly increasing unemployment, 800,000 have no health cover
  • More and more people, particularly the elderly have not received medical treatment they need because they can't afford care, have to travel too far or have no transport
  • The health organisation Medicins du Monde has had to scale up its operations to meet increasing demand at its clinics for health care and drugs
  • Compulsory fees have been introduced to access public services, including outpatients' appointments and drug prescriptions
  • Hospitals are severely understaffed and face shortages in medication - members of the public are expected to source and pay for basic supplies such as toilet paper, catheters and syringes.
  • A 21 per cent rise in stillbirths between 2008 and 2011 has been attributed to reduced access to prenatal health services for pregnant women
  • Mental health services are coping with a 120 per cent increase in demand in the past 3 years, yet funding for services decreased by 20 per cent between 2010 and 2011 and by a further 55 per cent by 2012
  • Greek people are two-five times more likely to have major depressions
  • The number of suicides increased by 45 percent between 2007 and 2011

"We juxtapose the solidarity of the young, the working people, the pensioners and the unemployed to the solidarity of the capital that the current neoliberal management of the crisis materializes.",
has said Alexis Tsipras on an interview on Euractiv magazine, talking about his candidacy as a leader of European Left on European Commission elections, for which he said, he feels proud.

" The message that the European Left aspires to send with my candidacy is that the strategy of austerity can be defeated; that the alternative political plan of the Left to refound Europe and give prominence to real democracy, in contrast to the current neoliberal architecture of the European Union, could pave the way for the unity of peoples and workers and thereby block the emergence of nationalism, chauvinism and the extreme right."

The president of SYRIZA, in a debate organised by the Dutch Socialist Party in Amersfoort in  November 2013, had made clear that Europe has to change on this critical point of time, to keep at least its human face towards today's Europeans

"Democracy in Europe is in retreat. And this is the reason, the purpose, and the real meaning of my candidacy: End austerity to regain democracy." Tsipras emphasised,  citing the reasons :

1. This is a neoliberal austerity. That causes recession, zero or low and jobless growth. With the Netherlands expected to reach in 2017 the real economic output level of 2008. Austerity brought youth unemployment in the Eurozone to the unprecedented 25%. 

2. It is, also, the lack of transparency, lack of legitimacy and lack of accountability and credibility of the European institutions. The European Union is distant from the peoples of Europe in all respects. It has alienated its citizens. That’s why the people react with apathy, distrust and euroscepticism.

That’s how xenophobic extreme right-wing populism rises, concluded Tsipras.You have, in your country, Geert Wilders and his so-called “Party for Freedom”, he reminded talking to the Hollands.  "That’s how neonazism resurfaces. We have in Greece the Golden Dawn party. 

"We want to end neoliberalism in order to restore democracy", he concluded ."We say, that the European Union will either be democratic, or it will not exist. For us, democracy is non-negotiable. This is our political alternative to neoliberalism and to the neoliberal process of European integration: democracy, more democracy, and even deeper democracy. "


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