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#Flu death toll in #Greece reached 51, but "is that only"?

Posted by moodhacker on February 10, 2017 at 10:55 AM

The list of flu victims in Greece keeps growing after more than four months when first cases occured, and two months that seasonal influeza in Greece started reaching its peak . According to the weekly of epidemiological surveillance report of influenza (January 30-February 5) by the Greek Center of Disease Control (HCDCP/KEELPNO), a total of 51 people have died from which only 22% were vaccinated.


41 deaths of the 51 were patients hospitalized in Intensive Care Unit (ICU), and 10 patients that remained without hospitalization in ICU. From those 31 were men and 20 women, ranging in ages from four and 92 years. The official announcement of the Greek CDC mentions that 49 (96.1%) of the 51 deadly cases were people of the high risk groups for which vaccination is recommended, though 10 had been vaccinated (20.4%).


Since last October when influenza activity started, according to Greek CDC announcement, 196 serious cases of laboratory confirmed influenza have been recorded, of which 181 were hospitalized in ICU, 117 men and 64 women, from one to 98 years, of which the 40 of them that had been vaccinated (22%). 168 (92.8%) of the 181 serious cases hospitalized in ICU belong in high risk groups for which vaccination is recommended , repeats the Greek CDC Press Release , with no refence though to the shortage of flu vaccines for which people and mefical associations complain since last month .



The Press Release of the organization, refers to the Hellenic Center for Disease Control scientific team, according to which "during the week between January 30 to February 5, flu like cases visits to the doctor's office show in decline compared wih the previous weeks, and the influenza activity in Greece is declining", the press release says, mentioning though, that the possibility of new rise in cases is not excluded until the end of the monitoring period.


The Panhellenic Federation of Workers in Public Hospitals (POEDIN) with public announcement, openly disputed the official figures, accusing the Greek CDC, (HCDCP) and the Ministry of Health for "misleading the Greek public opinion as wel as the World Health Organization."


According to POEDIN ress release , "the flu activity this year with the A subtype (H3N2) is much higher than presented, and the cases are far more than last year, but stay undetected, since the confirmation with diagnostic PCR test in Public Hospitals concerns only patients hospitalized in the ICU ."


The Federation speaks of "poor epidemiological surveillance of the disease", saying that "every day in the Emergency rooms waiting lists wait for Intensive Care Unit bed an average of 70 patients who remain out of ICU intubated, of which 30-40 with respiratory infections in critical conditions.. Younger cases usually find bed in ICU within 7 days but the older ones , never.

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