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Greece's Garbadge Apocalypse on 11th day under 40+C Heat

Posted by moodhacker on June 26, 2017 at 8:20 AM

Τhe tonnes of rubbish lying unaccumulated in almost every Greek city and neighborhood expose the country to the nose and eyes of the whole world ,threatening serioulsy its citizens and visitors health

"Rats ‘big like cats’  have been seen by citizens  roaming through the mountains of garbage, as they have said on TV during the last couple of days, one week and more that the rubbish lay uncollected in the streets of Athens and the Greek cites . “Awful stinking Microbes!” Greek people worry and shout , while trying to avoid the exposure to the Public Threat Hygiene bomb that stands in every step they take, from corner to corner for more and more days . 


More than 20,000 tonnes of garbage in Athens and more than 1,500 tonnes in Thessaloniki have been laying on the streets and pavements under summer temperatures that are forecast to reach 42 degrees Celsius (107 degrees Fahrenheit) by the end of the end of this week in Greece.

The intolerable situation  threatens humans and animals alike, , bringing the Greek governors to the no way out of the peak of the country's most stinky nightmare


Direct contact with waste can result in skin and blood infections through infected wounds, various illnesses resulting from the bites of animals feeding on the waste, and intestinal infections transmitted by flies feeding on the waste.

Overflowing waste bins are an ideal breeding ground for bacteria, insects and vermin. The flies that visit the garbage are also the same flies that roam around your lunch buffet and drop their off springs on your plate. By doing so, they increase the risk of you contracting with salmonella, which causes typhoid fever, food poisoning, enteric fever, gastroenteritis, and other major illnesses



Tourist arrivals on the start of this year season are welcomed by the awakening of the most unpleasant of their senses The garbage emmissions warn of contamination threats that arise from the garbage mountains since the first steps of tourists arriving at the port of Pireus and on their  way to the capital;s downtown. But this is not the only risk,while the Public Health threats multiply hour to hour on everyone's feet and door .


Flies and insects feed from these tonnes of rubbish  Pigeons , as well, which they also sit and rest  next to you eeverywhere, cats ande dogs and also the unwantred cockroaches. The city at most risk for its citzens and visitors' Public Health , the  Greek capital , Athens,internationally voted as one of  the most popular destinations worldwide, welcomes its visitors  for the past ten days, just at the start of the tourist season ,obliging them inevitably to hold their noses while crossing endless barricades of waste to enter the Acropolis. and other archaeological sites

Problems have also been  reported on Greek islands , and especially the island of Corfu and also at the northern city of Thessaloniki.

Municipality Workers Union POE-OTA cries the government solution leaves 10,000 people without job.

The union will continue their mobilizations for the current week, a 24-hour strike is planned for Thursday. Then they will reconsider the situation and decide accordingly.

The prosecutor of Athens ordered investigation about the accumulating stinking garbage in the streets of the Greek capital. The prosecutor seeks into responsibilities for the environment pollution and the risks for public health. Offenses could be felony charges.

Talks between the government and municipality workers unions ended in deadlock since last  Monday. The government wants to legislate in order to accelerate procedures for hiring of 2,500 people for the cleaning services of municipalities. Temporary workers will be able to apply for these jobs. 

In some areas, municipalities hired private companies to relieve the citizens from the mountains of garbage. Workers Union warn “Privatizations of garbage collection ahead!”


“The continued accumulation of garbage … combined with high temperatures poses a risk to public health,” the Greek Center for Disease Control and Prevention said since the end of last weekend.


According to the Greek CDC (HCDCP) announcement, the risks of disease transmission from waste are related to


  • the appearance and multiplication of "carriers" of transmission of various diseases, as are flies, fleas, cockroaches, mosquitoes, gnats, mice and others.
  • The rodents grow and multiply rapidly in such uncontrolled environment while flies or rodents such as mice are fed by waste material, especially where there is waste overflowing from bins and containers or when there is careless disposal around them.
  • Wet weather conditions facilitate the transmission of pathogens to animals or insect carriers , which are transformed to "vehicles" of pathogenic microorganisms transporting the risks of infectiousness from the heaps of rubbish in the urban environment , the households and the people .
  • The possibility of transmission of infectious communicable diseases (through dermal or Intestinal infections) in humans through some of these insects or rodents , that are the "Microbial carriers", follows, either by bite, skin irritation or through contaminated food or water .


Despite the strike, municipal crews agreed to collect some garbage in busy tourist areas, outside hospitals and at intersections where tumbling piles of trash were slowing traffic. 

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