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The curved faces on Acropolis, first seen by photo for the human eye, thousands years after

Posted by moodhacker on July 10, 2017 at 10:25 AM

This amazing photograph clearly shows the face of a bearded man with a leaf crown or headband.T he mystery deepens as you can see another face behind the ear that appears to be looking in another direction


Does this face resemble that of the old wise man of Greece? Zeus? Or Poseidon?


The mystery deepens as you can see another face behind the ear that appears to be looking in another direction and possibly additional faces farther to the right and a large one in the middle of the picture.


In April 2017, Dr. Alexander G. Alemis went to Athens, Greece, to present his new book, Political Systems and their Relationship to the Economy and Freedom.By being a long time photo amateur he went for a visit on the Acropolis  area, and also, on the hills around, the ones that surround the sacred Acropolis hill in Attica . He photographed Acropolis on on April 23, 2017, and, yes he made a revelation 2500 years for a first time, concerning the sacred rock's hidden view and, apparently , symbolism  

The picture of the Acropolis Rock taken from a certain spot , revealed two faces in the rock formation for possibly the first time in history.


At Dr. Alemis’ request, I researched the Internet for anything relating to the face of the Acropolis and found nothing.


When  the posted the photo on Facebook, no evidence came up of this face or faces being known.


Dr. Alemis talked to two archeologists in Greece who have done extensive study of the Acropolis and its history but had never seen or read about the faces of the Acropolis.



This finding is incredible on the following points :


1. Nothing concerning the faces on the rock was photographed,  documented nor studied for thousands years by the Acropolis being the  most photographed monument in the world.

2. Who could have carved this huge face on the rock at the exact corner of the Acropolis?

3. What equipment did they use?

4. Was the face or faces carved prior or after the Parthenon? If prior, what other faces were also carved, which have already been destroyed, and for what purpose?

5. If the faces were carved prior to the Parthenon, what technology was used . Could the Parthenon be a lesser monument?



Dr. Alemis will be back in Greece this fall to present his new book The 63 Parts of Intelligence and will get more data about this view, but if any readers of The National Herald who first revealed the story , calls any readers  who have any information about the face or faces of the Acropolis, to email:


Dr. Alemis is the founder of the Family Dental Care group. He is an international speaker and writer. You can visit him at

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