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Let's build Greece's reputation from scratch

Posted by moodhacker on June 15, 2016 at 12:35 AM

"The strategic management of the country΄s image is a priority of national importance," Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said at the first meeting of the Council of National Communication Policy  and underlined that "in this historic moment we are able to rebuild the image and reputation of Greece and cause a positive domino effect"

The first meeting of  Council of National Communication Policy chaired by Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras took place at the Maximos mansion on June 14th, 2016, aiming to synchronize the Public Sectros' and Ministries' Action Plans

The Council of National Communication Policy will be responsible from now on for the strategic planning, the evaluation and launching of a National communication policy, as well as the central management of the the communication crises.

 Its mission is the building and coherent management of the country's positive picture in Greece and abroad.

A country's reputation... 

Mr. Tsipras stressed that "the reputation and the image of a country are an intangible capital that directly affects tourism, investment, exports, and any other aspect of economic and political life of the country and its people" and  emphasized that "in this historic moment we are able to rebuild the image and reputation of Greece, reverse any negative image of the past ,and cause a positive domino effect of Greece's developments."

He noted that  "the strategic management of the country's image is not an option, but a necessity of national importance" and that "the Ministers in charge , together,  must draw up a comprehensive plan of communication policy."

the so far Negative Image of Greece since the starty of the crisis 

"If we do not manage  the image of our country, someone else will do for us," Prime Minister said 

 Alexis Tsipras referred to the country's image at the beginning of the national and austerity crisis  : "The image of Greece together with Portugal, Ireland, Italy and Spain, was  identified in most negative ways by the concepts of drowsiness and non-productivity, and was shown by the humiliating a whole nation images, like that of a pig (PIGS) who lives at the expense of other countries. " He noted that "the targeting that received then the southern European countries was unprecedented" and that "in recent years the image of Greece was constantly challenged due to the economic crisis, and recently due the refugee issue."

The National Communication Policy initiatives, aannounced by the Prime Minister @atsipras

Tsipras stressed that " a comprehensive plan of National Communication Policy, is urgently needed" and announced eight initiatives that will directly improve the image of Greece.

  • - Doubling the advertising expenditure in tourism sector
  • - Implemention of Communication programs and Action Plans throughout  all public sectors under the umbrella of the General Secretaiat of Information and Communication
  •  - Cooperation and connection of the press offices of the ministries with the  General Secretariat of Information and Communication for the promotion of the government work in domestic and the foreign markets
  • - Launcing of Communication initiatives of the government ministries, organizing fame trips , and the announcement of Ambassador personalities for each sector for the worldwide awareness of Greece's work on reversing the negative national image
  • -A Portal dedicated to the actions of each ministry with a clear and common communication identity
  • - Communication support to small and large initiatives which will act as an attraction of international interest
  • - The promotion of Athens can be one of the strategies to improve the country's image
  • - A more extended and in depth study of Greece's image today both in the country and outside the country

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