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                    Greek to me ! 

Even if your are still dreaming your trip to Greece, anticipates your happiness, accordin to research, while creating nostalgia about your last vacation in Greece improves your mood, no matter how far away you are..  

Greek to me is designed to navigate you to explore the paths to Health, Wellness, Euphoria and Happiness whhile you are Greece, providing you also the critical information and links for your Health Safety in Greece .

Post your comment ,question, or SOS flag for anything concerning food, air, water, personal hygiene, mosquitos, pharmaceuticals, hospitals, hospital acquired infections, environmental health hazards, infectious diseases, sea&water safety, Health travel Alerts.

Discover the secrets of longevity  that lead to the good health of Greek people and discover the centenarians' day life .

Enjoy yur stay inGreece up to the last moment, and get back home healed and rejuvenated. 

Still, if you are not in Greece, or travelling to Greece, stay with us, day dream with us, keep your happiness memories and make an Album to lift yoru mood back home.

So Greek to me !
Stay with us, 24/7 


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