Aegean #Empathy on #Lesvos, teaching the world Aegean #Empathy on #Lesvos, teaching the world Mayor Spiros Galinos, ready to dive for the rescue of refugees The Mayor Spiros Galinos in the center, watching the makeshift rubber boat by the refugees in danger, while hosting on the island PM Tsipras and Matin Schulz. Next to him Giannis Gianellis, General Secretary of Aegean, and a priest, who saw the incident and run in place to volunteer. 200184024 Alone by the crisis of a whole Europe Mayor Spyros Galinos, watching the refugees in danger asking for help, while the motorcade carrying PM and Martin Shulz were present , before the saveguards volunteers had appeared. Photo taken by Mario Andreoti 200190975 God save us, Greeks and refugees... A priest on the place of the incident asking for help, residents and authorities to save the refugees in danger, while Tsiprasd Schul were present PHOTO: George Iordanou 200184025 the NGOs thankfully came Doctors of the World arrived and immediately dived in the waters for saving the 47 refugees 200184026 Save a life each one.... Spyros Myrogiannis, Volunteer, saves the refugee 200184027 On the edge of life saving in the waters Refugee , rescued from drowning by Spyros Myrogiannis, with obvious breathing problems and hypothermia 200190974 Thanks God , and the volunteer Alive and saved...One more life saved, Spiros Myrogianns volunteer, and a saved refugee 200184028 the rescue operation in public this time It happened to occur live, by the cameras of Greek and international press , but it is one of the hundreds rescue operations that happen on the island of Lesbos for more than half a year, saving ( hopefully) more than 50 persons each time. 200190919 back to life again rescue operation completed, 47 people saved, in fornt of Alexis Tsipras and Martin Schulz eyes. Not an excersise, but a daily routine for this isalnd 200190920 This is the Cross Borders of Europe, Mytilene Dozens of tends on the port of Mytilini, in front of the eyes of the EU Parliament President Martin Schulz 200184029 Demonstration for the refugees Protesters gathered in front of the General Secretary of Aegean during the visit of Tsipras and Shultz holding plakats "stop the drownings in Aegean" 200184030 the life vests protest the orange life vests, that are left on the shores of the island, hanging at the front of the meeting of the local authorities with the PM and Martin Schulz, as part of the protest 200184031 Police to manage the demonstration Police had to repulse the protesters as to open the way for the PM's motorcade during the visit 200184032 Open the Fence, Stop the Drownings the message to the Prime Minister and Martin Schulz was to torn down the Fence built on 2012 on northern borders to help the drownings be avoided. "Seems a good idea but there is a minefield on the other side of the river ( (Turkish territory) " said Tsipras 200184034 "Smuggler are criminals" "What happens in the Aegean is a crime that must be stopped," the prime minister reiterated. On the photo Pime Minister being updated and extensively informed by the General Secretary of the Aegean and Island Politics and the Mayor Spyros Galinos 200184136 still dead bodies washed up in the sea ditch Six dead bodies have been dredged up from the cold waters of the northern part of the island, the trhee were children, and three adults. 200184137 Negotiation with Turkey is the key "What is required is to come to an agreement with Turkey so as to reduce the flows by combating traffickers," repeatedly stated Alexis Tsipras .On the photo with Martin Schultz, who announced that Tsipras will be represent EU on his trip to Turkey, the General of the Coast Guard( left) and the General Secretary of Aegean and Island Politics, Giannis Giannelis (right) at the General Secreriat Hall 200184138 "Im hungry, me and my three children" Prime Minister talking with a refugee at the reception camp , Moria 200184139 the Municipality occupied the Municipaty of Lesbos Hall been occupied by the protesters durin the visist of Alexis Tsipras and Martin on Lesbos 200184140 This is a Greek ship, the original one Municipality of Lesbos Mayor Spyros Gallinos offering to Martin Schulz a mememto of his visit, the original Greek ship, aimed to fish, and save lives nowaday 200184141