Greek Sunny Fashion Trend Greek Sunny Fashion Trend with Tom Hanks canoeing in Naxos waters in marine colors 202166304 Alessandra Amrbossio on trip sunny kaftan beach style 202166305 in Greek goddess style beach dress 202166306 Breathtaking sexy Sofia Vergara and her curves 203140351 In Mykonos with my girls! 202166307 Ambrosio's kids in hats while fishing on a Mykonos rock 202166368 Greek Blue Inspired muse style, by the Bond's girl Mykonos, Tonia, July 5th, 2016 instagram 202166613 The Bond girl , on Greek ancient original cover up dress on sunset time Mykonos, Tonia, July 5th, 2016instagram 202166614 Mariah Carey donned a white kaftan that resembled a wedding gown on a romantic break in Mykonos Mykonos , September 23, 2016, 203128604 Mariah Carey was spotted out for dinner and partying by the sea in gorgeous floor length beach dress Mykonos , Sptemeb 23, 2016 203128606 dress wasn't quite as bridal as the one she'll sport on the big day, however, as it proved to be sheer under the light, Mykonos Sept. 23, 2016, 203128607 she donned a pair of gold chandelier earrings with vibrant emeralds, whilst her delicate wrists were lined with a myriad of silver bangles 23/9/2016, Mykonos, dailymail 203128608 Mariah dazzled in her sheer white gown and glamorous jewels 203128609 The couple were no doubt enjoying a break in the midst of planning their lavish wedding. 203128610 Monroe bore a striking resemblance to his superstar mother and father Nick Cannon exclusive Daily Mail Sept 23, 2016 203128611 Mariah and James have been soaking up the sun on holiday in Greece with her twins Monroe and Moroccan, five, from her previous marriage to Nick Cannon 203128612 Pipa and the sun on her trip to the Greek islands with pal Brian Dowling, Pippa O'connor, 30, left us all feeling a little envoys as she enjoyed the sun 203140251 From "the Modern Family" shot 203140344 Sophia enjoying the Beach protected style swimming suit Mykonos July 13, 2013 203140347 In sun colours swimsuit, Sophia Vergara, Greece 203140348 Rainbow colors in the sun, in a full protection long skirt concept 203140349 On the way to the beach , Sophia green skirt swimmswit 203140352 all-black ensemble consisting of a cleavage-heavy cut-out bikini top beneath a maxi skirt that gripped her waist before flowing to the ground, covering her feet. Daily Mail, Mykonos July 2013 203140279 The 41-year-old matched the daring swimwear with a figure-hugging maxi-skirt as she strutted along a Mykonos beach daiy mail, Mykonos July 2013 203140281 Greek-Egyptian tycoon Karim El Chiaty in Mykonos streets with the bride Brazilian supermodel Ana Beatriz Barros, and Allessandra Ambrosio in long kaftan style , before the 5 million dollars wedding to Mykonos July 5, 2016 203140346 RUBY MAE in Bikini , Mykonos RUBY MAE in Bikini at Principote Panormos in Mykonos 07/06/2017 204308325 Cosima Coppola 204308332