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#Athens fifth on top best #destination among world travelers

Greece’s capital city of Athens is among the top 10 meeting and incentive destinations around the world, according to ... Read Full Post »,  

To be in Athens is unreal, like being at the far end of a time portal, right in the middle of these seven hills, among which nestles a civilization that is at least 7,000 years old. The city is so old you can’t just dig around in your backyard without an archaeologist looking over your shoulders perchance.....

What’s more special about this ancient city, however, is even if you are right here, and it’s all tangible and all physical—stone, water, air, wood—it still feels like a dream, stranger than a dream., July 2017




Why the view of Acropolis and #Athens sightseeing 

Make Up Your   #Mood

On the photo John Stamos on Acropolis, early morning hours while in Athens Go to Exclusive Article by greek2m  

Acropolis to World 

Barack Obama

NOVEMBER 16, 2016

“And so when you visit a site like this , you’re  sending a signal of the continuity that exists between what happened here, the speeches of Pericles, and what happened with our Founding Fathers"
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Athens the New Hot Place for Every Traveler, by German #Instagrammers

Four of the 10 most popular German Instagrammers recently visited Athens and shared their impressions with the rest of the world. (counting the four of them more than 1.2 million followers)...

Cheers to Athens!

Touch Acropolis The Dream Terrace to say 

#Cheers to #Athens! 

Point α Bar is the closest Athens rooftop bar to the Acropolis and  has without a doubt, one of the best, uninterrupted views of the eternal monument 

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Drink with this view      

It's a Hype: Rosepetals in wine, the new Greek vermouth launched in UK
It is crafted from high-quality wine, from the winemaking ...

The international competition held annually in London by Drinks International magazine. .

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And the Luxury is view

#LuxuryTravel is returning to its roots, and #Greece’s landscape
...while View,  Simplicity and Authenticity dominate this year’s luxury travel trend.
The best resorts that come with the best views for 2017 luxurytravelblog voted list,  try to incorporate their surroundings into the complex angle their structures so as to make the best of a guest’s field of view...  Go to article

The luxury design AthensWas Hotel, of the Anemi Hotels group, opened this summer in the heart of Athens, at the foot of the Acropolis, minutes away from Athens’ major attractions, the Parthenon, the ancient Irodion Theatre and the Acropolis Museum. AthensWas is a member of Design Hotels.

Sense Athens

#Smell Athens 

#GreekSmell: The thousands fruit trees that bloom in the streets of Athens

In approximately 2200 km of sidewalks and walkways  close to 80,000 trees are planted in with Sour orange, mulberry, some lemon and mandarin, many sofores or giakarantes, olives and pines, and they are not only found in the National Gardens, Pedi...

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Fall InLove in Athens 

Greece, Athens, the place to flirt and this is Why

Not only has Athens been named the world's most flirtatious city, but Greece as a country was dubbed the most sexually active nation,  .. 

Alterna Athens

#Picnic in Athens 

““Picnic Athens” started as an idea between friends who enjoy picnicking. Picnickitself, in Greece , and especially in Athens, is a wonderful idea of Greek Hospitality , a Wellbeing Travel activity sicne it combines the hype of enjoying the Greek nature, sea, beach, or hill in a very "green" lifestyle authentic way.

#StreetFood Athens

The Very Original Greek #StreetFood in Athens

Chef Vassilis Kallidis and the Überness team have taken over three dilapidated butcher shops in the Athens Central Market of Renti and have transformed them into an avant-garde pop up eatery that pays homage to the roadside food trucks of Greece 

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Buy a piece of fruit or two to eat along your day's journey in the capital, fresh straight from the land, Know more...  

The Be Cautious in Athens


Violence in the Streets 

"Athens is
 A Safe City"

Greek PM  Alexis Tsipras

"I feel that Athens is one of the safest capitals in Europe, still not a city-lobster as it used to be.....Go to Post »

George Patoulis 

"We, the  citizens of Athens, should make Athens Proud Again of what she deserves, of what our guests expect from their fifth most popular destination city in the world. We  the Athenians,  should take Athens' fate on our shoulders, the President of Greece's Municipalities' said presenting his Initiative for Citizens Coalition for Athens... "

Public Health

  • Travelers' Survival Guidelines for the Garbage pollution in Greece  Go


Who Will Save Athens

The Travelers on Roles 

Who Will Save Athens Is A Classic(al) Role-Playing Activity Game for travelers in the popular Greek Capital , which transfers you in time, back to the foundations of Democracy, while solving  A  Crisis that is Urgent for Athens Capital , on real time .... 

 Wise Athens' Remedies        for Athenian Days and Nights....


#Patsa for #HUngover, the After Remedy in #Greece

It's considered working-class food, though the most well known patsa restaurants have been a trend, found in the meat market in Athens, all the Long nights long...

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Glass of  wine with water!

That's what Ancient Greeks drunk, almost daily, sometimes excessively , during the symposia... Tease your senses by the flavors and aromas of the Greek wines and let your Mind unravel..... Go to Wines Nectar Special Page  

The Healing Super Powered Greek Coffee

Indeed, the special Greek Coffee, has been proved to promote heart health protect against heart attack and lead to longer life...

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#MoodMake Your Menus In Greece

Visit our science based suggestions, to pick the best raw, fresh Greek food and make it funcional for your Mind and Body staying in Greece