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Just straight from earth

Dr. Ioanna Chinou, a professor at the University of Athens School of Pharmacy, is one of Europe’s top experts on the bioactive properties of herbs and natural products emphasises  for the Ikarians’ longevity  that many of the teas they consume are traditional Greek remedies. 

  • Wild mint fights gingivitis and gastrointestinal disorders; 
  • rosemary is used as a remedy for gout; 
  • artemisia is thought to improve blood circulation. 

Seven of the most commonly used herbs on Ikaria.proved in the lab to hold  rich sources of polyphenols,so that they 

                           showed strong antioxidant properties, she reported. 

Most of these herbs also contained mild diuretics.

                         Doctors often use diuretics to treat hypertension — perhaps by drinking tea nightly,

Ikarians have gently lowered their blood pressure throughout their lives.

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Ikarians longevity

Hοw they do it! 


  • Wake naturally, 
  • work in the garden, 
  • have a late lunch, 
  • take a nap.
  • At sunset, they either visited neighbors or neighborssited them. 

Their diet was also typical:

A breakfast of 
  • goat’s milk, 
  • wine, 
  • sage tea or coffee, 
  • honey 
  • and bread.

Lunch was almost 
  • always beans (lentils, garbanzos),
  • potatoes, 
  • greens (fennel, dandelion or a spinachlike green called horta) and whatever seasonal vegetables their garden produced;

Dinner was 
  • bread 
  • and goat’s milk.

At Christmas and Easter, after religiously fasting, they would slaughter the family pig and enjoy
  •  small portions of larded pork for the next several months

Dr. Antonia Trichopoulou of the University of Athens, an expert on the Mediterranean diet.who helped administer surveys, often sitting in village kitchens to ask subjects to reconstruct their childhood eating habits, noted that the Ikarians’ diet, like that of others around the Mediterranean, was rich in olive oil and vegetables, low in dairy (except goat’s milk) and meat products, and also included moderate amounts of alcohol. It emphasized homegrown potatoes, beans (garbanzo, black-eyed peas and lentils), wild greens and locally produced goat milk and honey.

She estimated that the Ikarian diet, compared with the standard American diet, might yield up to four additional years of life expectancy.

“One explanation why they live so long is they eat a plant-based diet. Or it could be the absence of sugar and white flour. From what I know of the Greek diet, they eat very little refined sugar, and their breads have been traditionally made with stone-ground wheat.”


Greek-islanders' Breakfast Initiative

a traditional search for unique Nutritional Value

by the Greek Hotels Association 


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Light and sightseeing, unforgettable happy mind clicks

Some of the islands are considered as of  the most sunny places on Mediterranean, and not only .

The light of this land  has inspired poets, wirters and artists, and is, for million years, always there.  Boost  mood through your eye, as  science recommends

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Greek coffee Wake up, by longevity spice...

 Most of any other types of coffee, the greek one is found to protect the epithelium. Tried and tested by the centenerian populaton of Ikaria and confirmed by contemporary research  

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blessed humble sardines   

Proved by  Science as the ultimate ingredient of mood enhancement and mind&body empowerment, fish oils are foundy plenty, popping out straight from the sea... Just in front of your eyes! 

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Mastic tears from tree. Like no where on earth

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Your toe in crystal salty energy seas

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Earth's aromas on the bloom 

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It's Greek to me!!  By Holly Brown, West Seattle Herald

July 10, 2013


..."For me, the most exciting part of planning a trip, is anticipating the cuisine of the region. Where we’ll eat, and what we’ll eat, are as important as where we’ll stay and what sites we’ll see. Getting to know the place, begins by getting to know its food. Naturally, I try to include cooking classes, and wine tasting excursions in my travel plans whenever possible. The Greek Isles are ripe with opportunities to taste wonderful food, and to take in the beauty of this Mediterranean treasure."

"If you have an opportunity to travel to Greece you can enjoy these mouth-watering dishes as you gaze upon the Med. 

Otherwise, you can prepare any or all of these dishes at home, and just pretend you’re in Greece!

go to the full article and lovely recipies 

West Seattle Herlad

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