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March 11: a baby born in Idomeni migrant tent , with the assistance of no doctor, no medicines, no hospital 
March 10: Almost 42K migrants trapped in Greece. The number is expected to reach 150K 
Approximately 41,973 refugees are currently in Greece, according to the Refugees Crisis Management Coordination body figures released on Thursday.  

9,428 of then are on the islands of Lesvos, Samos, Chios, Kastellorizo, Kos, Leros and Kalymnos. 

9,623 are hosted in the region of Attica.
The refugees at Idomeni camp (Greek-Fyrom buffer zone) are approximately 12,000 refugees.
The new arrivals in the last 24 hours reached 2,373.

Port of Piraeus

Refugees and migrants sit outside their tents at the Athens' port of Piraeus on Thursday, March 10, 2016. Authorities began transporting hundreds of migrants and refugees from Piraeus port to shelters in central Greece to try and ease overcrowding there.Up to Saturday , March 12,  over 45.000 people have been stranded in Greece due to border restrictions.

Glyfada, old Athens airport  

The old Athens airport, seen on LAM's March cover, is for now sheltering about 4,000 refugees. @CNN

Many refugees don't reach the border -- and if they do, they are bused back to Athens. Across the Greek capital, refugee tents, lines of drying washing and clusters of homeless people have been springing up in unexpected places. The United Nations Refugee Agency has filled a baseball stadium, built for the 2004 Olympic Games, with white tents. an ironic legacy for the sporting event..

Victoria, Athens downtown

Victoria square , near Omonoia at the downtown Athens,has be3come a makeshift migrant camp where hundreds queue for food everyday, many of them refusing toleave the place to be moved to settlement camps throughout Greece, hoping that smugglers networks will notify them of a way to reach Germany , despite closed .borders.


the razor Europe

Oh, really...?

said on March11, 2016 

  • . Hungary has already blocked the way and is arresting asylum seekers who try to cross. Albania and Bulgaria are possible options for the 13,000 migrants trapped at the Greek-Macedonian border. 
  • But the terrain in Albania — mountainous and wild — is hard to cross and riddled with local mafias extorting and beating travelers. 
  • In Bulgaria, the border is relatively well guarded, and authorities there have been arresting allegedly beating migrants who try that route.”

That may push refugees to try a still more dangerous says r The Washington Post

The European Union has decided to offer assistance in the borders of Albania with Greece.(March 9, 2016) Assistance will also spread to Greece's northern borders with FYROM and Albania.The statement issued by the European Commission said the aim of enforcement is to ensure identification and register refugees proceedure, security checks and adequate welcoming capacity.

Greece surprised

#Greece PM Tsipras says #BalkanRoute has been closed due to unilateral actions of Balkan countries. The 28 countries agreed not to close borders, Alex Tsipras claims 

The Balkan route taken by hundreds of thousands of migrants to Europe is going to be closed, EU leaders "would declare today Monday March 7" , at the Summit with Turkey in Brussels, diplomats and officials had said since Sunday March 6,after a meeting of the EU ambassadors , whose statement — would to be approved by leaders on the next day, March 7—“Irregular flows of migrants along the Western Balkans route are coming to an end; this route is now closed,” was the conclusion ,according to a copy of the document ... Despite the surprise of Alexis Tsipras and Angela Merkel on the days that followed, things were done as said on this draft. Was the Greek government aware? find that documetn on our Greek2m eye blog 

the EU meeting

the deal 

#Turkey gets lots more €, visa-free travel in Schengen & restart of #EU membership talks.

Deal strongly criticized by UN, rights groups 

People fleeing persecution Not for sale.

“A fundamental contradiction lies at the heart of the EU-Turkey deal Bill Frelick, refugee rights director at Human Rights Watch. “The parties failed to say how individual needs for international protection would be fairly assessed during the rapid-fire mass expulsions they agreed would take place.” 

find that via CrossRoad Greece

Urgency for Actions, says the @UNHCR, while #EU barters humans to #TurkishBlackmail

 With increasing border restrictions across the Balkans, the UNHCR agency has early warned for the escalation of the situation into a humanitarian crisis similar to that on the Greek islands last autumn, and especially Lesvos .Find more on moodhackerblog

Merkel’s migration plan will turn Greece into a huge campsite by Josef Joffe find that 

To Love him, to Love him not?

To Love him, Love him Not?? 

  •    Turkey's Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, right, and Greece's Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras offer flowers to journalists, prior to their meeting in Izmir, Turkey, Tuesday, March 8, 2016. Turkey and Greece were holding talks on bilateral issues but also to discuss the migrants crisis a day after EU leaders agreed in principle on the outlines of a possible deal with Turkey for the return of thousands of migrants to Turkey. (AP Photo/Lefteris Pitarakis) 
  • A Day after, March 9,  Greece woke up irreversaly trapped by the refugees flows  in razor borders in her own territory
  • On March 10,  Ankara's EU minister  Volkan Bozkir announced that  Turkey will not readmit refugees who have already reached Greek islands "

The message 

Visiting Athens, just 3 days before the EU deal on March 7, the European Council President Donald Tusk has warned potential migrants not to risk coming to Europe.

Speaking after talks with the Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras visiting Athens, Tusk said unilateral actions by EU member states is hurting solidarity and must stop.

He emphasized straight , though:“I want to appeal to all potential illegal, economic, migrants wherever you are from. Do not come to Europe. Do not believe the smugglers. Do not risk your lives and your money, it is all for nothing,” he said. 

There was a "Tusk Plan" !

“With that,” said Donald Tusk, president of the European council, with all the confidence of a magician at a circus, “we will close the western Balkans route.” It is a hubristic claim – but one that nevertheless reflects the new hardline agenda that much of Europe’s top brass hopes to push through during the migration summit between European and Turkish leaders.

As if by magic, Tusk and his allies seek to end the European refugee crisis in two clean movements. First, by rubber-stamping the closure of the FYROM-Greek border, Second, by strong-arming Turkey into readmitting most, if not all, of those who continue to land on the Greek islands in their thousands each day.

Tusk’s logic is straightforward. If the FYROM border can be shut, then the crisis can be contained in Greece. Even if Tusk’s plan has obvious moral implications – it risks undermining the 1951 refugee convention, which was one of the seminal human achievements of the post-Holocaust era – one can understand its practical appeal for European politicians, notes the guardian.

the mess


Merkel on our side?

The Odd Couple: Merkel, Tsipras Fate Tied to EU Refugee Deal Both Merkel, 61, and Tsipras, 41, are benefiting from building up trust during the debt crisis and talk regularly, according to a person familiar with the chancellor’s strategy who asked not to be named discussing government matters.
Merkel helped persuade Tsipras this month to accept EU aid rather than having Greece try to cope with the refugee crisis alone, the person said. She’s also easing up on pressure for Greece to meet the bailout terms, which include a pension reform, without giving up on the principle that it has to do its homework, according to the person.

What Turkey asked

The EU and Turkey came to a tentative agreement to exchange all refugees for billions in aid, visa-free travel, and renewed membership talks.

EU-Turkey Summit's draft. Actions to end the #migrantcrisis #EUCO

Austria Clear enouph

#EUCO #Turkey - Doorstep #AT #Faymann "We have to be clear, this route is closed" #migrationEU #refugeecrisis

the alert 

Public Health 

Many of the children are reportedly suffering from respiratory diseases.
  From #Idomeni: In last 3 days 70 children ended up in hospital #Greece
 Disease is spreading quickly and Greece has called on its Ministry of Health to help with the humanitarian crisis. 
About 13,000-14,000 people are trapped in Idomeni, while another 6,000-7,000 are being housed in refugee camps around the region, according to Apostolos Tzitzikostas, governor of the Greek region of Central Macedonia. "It's a huge humanitarian crisis. I have asked the government to declare the area in a state of emergency," Tzitzikostas said during a visit to Idomeni on Saturday to distribute aid to the Red Cross and other non-governmental organisations
Many of the children are reportedly suffering from respiratory diseases. #MSF: #Idomeni refugee situation "catastrophic". Scabies, other diseases breaking out.

Borders Control for tourists probable

This is the #Borders Management List for #Greece. #Cruise and #yacht travelers will also be screened
   checks on crusie ships and pleasure yachts

The recommendation provides for checks on cruise ships based on the crew and passenger list, and on pleasure yachts coming from third countries at a border crossing points


Terrorism threats 

According to ELAS quantity of explosive (ammonite) weighing 205.5 kg was detected by police officers of the police department Kastellorizo.

The seized explosives were seized and placed  was placed in plastic containers in premises used for the storage of waste.

the human no way out

then and now

Lesvos, Mytilene port,September 2015, By Harry Chun 

Then and now 

Was today's situation in Greece an avoidable result? Not easy to answer.


The reality 

150.000 plus,to host 

“Hundreds are arriving on a daily basis and Greece is expected to receive another 100,000 by the end of the month,” Avramopoulos told a conference in Athens, two days ahead of the crucial European Union summit on the refugee crisis with the participation of Turkey, where European leaders were aiming to press Ankara to take back  economic migrants from Greece and reduce the flow of people across the Aegean Sea.

About 50,000 refugees had been stranded in Greece – according to a Red Cross estimate issued on Sunday – as Europe faces the greatest migration crisis in six decades.


“Let  more refugees stay in Greece,” says Berlin and  Offers Athens Financial Support for Refugee Crisis

“Our highest priority right now is that more refugees stay in Greece,” a government insider was quoted as saying in the respected economic magazine Wirtschaftswoche .

Acknowledging that the Greek economy is too weak to handle the massive influx of arriving refugees, Germany has offered financial assistance to cash-strapped Greece to assist with the country’s efforts in handling thousands of daily refugee arrivals find that.

flash back 
Lesvos of Autumn '15  phenomenon, fatally replicating now all over Greece

Let us leave our lives, this is our place ...
In a city of 27.000 people, Mytilene, the capital of Lesvos, migrant and refugees 
populations, when the crisis first occurred in August, reached the number of 55000, most of them remaining unchecked for days and days, unidentified, with no toilets, no water to wash, let free to urinate and fecing and sleeping in the roads, while the most lucky of them had the money to buy tents. A true invasion on the island of the migrants' influx, causing an unbearable devaluation of the islanders' life, a situation, in the middle of summer vacations in Greece 
reminding kind of 'the Zombie Apocaypse", more


The social despair

The refugees' despair

Why are they doing this to us?!
 We escaped death 
to be humiliated as such !
"We better of going back to Syria and die there rather than dying in an alien land while waiting hopelessly with daily humiliation..." 

the Bio terror

President of the Greek CDC, April 2015 

"We have to act forcefully and directly, since we do not know which epidemiological models do the migrants carry, even though many of them are healthy. It's no secret that many immigrants, are tuberculosis or malaria carriers, among other transmitted diseases. Many children are unvaccinated even for Polio, and this is of great concern.." 
 Professor Thanasis Giannopoulos, Greek CDC
(HCDCP) President, April 20, 2015

Lesvos MP, September 2015

"The threats and errors have been underestimated" 

Being a well established  pathologist, Zerdelis aggressively denounces the absence of any Emergency Response for the Public Health Protection on Lesvos island that exposes everyone's step on the isle  to communicative diseases teaking explosive bomb..
John Zerdelis is an ex- MP of Lesvos, resigned from SYRIZA  now candidate by Popular Unity .

An urine& feces open air city camp. September10, 2015

Ignoring the EMERGENCY
Mytilene, 9/9/2015

Local Authorities, at least on Lesbos island, were the first that found themselves trapped in the chaos  of miscommunication of  political juxtaposition , as time was coming close to the National Elections announced. The Mayor of the city, WHO ASKED FORM THE FIRST MOMENT  THE ISLAND TO BE SET UNDER EMERGENCY, (while politicaly he is derived from the ex govt coalition party Independent Greeks), HAD FIRST TO HANDLE THE POLITICAL ACIDITY OF THE LOCAL INTERESTS, that set the safety of the island , its residents', and the whole Public Village's luck counter to the opposition party elected  District Commissioner 's REFUSAL to call to the Greek State for EMERGNCY RESPONSE.
As a reult, the true EMERGENCY state in which the capital of Lesbos, Mytilene, has been found itself since the mid of August, (peak time of touristic period of the island, by the way) let the
nightmarish situation day to day worsen and escalate. 
This is the result in the city of Mytilene as of 2day, 9/ 9 /2015

No chemical toilets, no water AT ALL to wash  hands during the night -and every night, no public water for the migrants to wash their hands during day and night, and also, public cleaning crews, even though oblidged to protect the local population and the Public Health village, did not seem to exist at all, for at least one week, when migrants' numbers in the town of Mytilene were more than double than the number of the city's population.
In less than a month, situation worsened so rapidly,that the isle's residents woke up on a huge urine &feces open air camp, their city. An Emergency shown to be out of Control and out of Response....
Worth noting the fact that polio virus spreads through the feces and that Syrian population is unvaccinated to Polio

the Real terror

(Exclusive by Greek to me !)
 ISIS between us, YES true No one is checked, anyway, why not?

Exclusive information to Greek to me, talked of at least four ISIS suspects in the city of Mytilene during the last four days. One of them is referred to have been driving a car, playing ISIS music around the tents of the Syrian refugees, identified by the Syrian due to the symbolism of wolds, and special music tune “related to ISIS Propaganda songs”//// more

Most of the migrants declare themselves Syrians, even if they come from Afghanistan Pakistan, Lebanon or Kurdistan
by Municipality's official proposal for the #Refugeescrisis, September 2015

Just ONE IN FIVE migrants claiming asylum are from Syria, EU figures show

Out of the astonishing 213,000 arrivals the EU logged between April and June, only 44,000 were fleeing the war-torn state.

the ID fake documents black market

For a piece of paper only 


THIS IS THE #NoBorderControl

Migrants were not screened on the islands on the peak flows crisis early days in Lesvos and the Aegean islands,  by fingerprint, Passport , Passport ID number, or even…..face control .

All of them, migrants and refugees  are considered to be kind of the same.

Find more on our Special Story, Sepember 12, 2015

New! Fingerprints to be taken properly just now, Octobr16,2015 

12 devices for documenting and comparing the fingerprints of arriving asylum seekers and migrants will be delivered by the German ambassador in Athens Peter Schoof to the Alternate Minister of Public Order Nikos Toskas

Τhe huge influx of refugees over the summer in the islands in the eastern Aegean, Greek authorities were unable to cope with the documentation procedure and had called for assistance from other abroad.

A #SetUpDelay by the #BlackMarket on #Papers2get

 Risks dramatically ignored  

on the detections of illegal Border-crossing between BorderCrossing Points
  • underlines that
 THE EU INTERNAL SECURITY is under question
  •  pointing that 
For more , go to our Extended Analysis Special Page

Unknown have they always been

Greece doesn't know how many immigrants are in the country.

How many came, how many left

Where from, or where to. 

Go to our exclusive earlier story by Greek to  me !


The empathetic effect

In Lesvos 

In the rest of Greece

When Tsipras introduced to Fayman the first refugee asking to stay in Greece