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Look down the
Aegean, this is a Human Tsunami

  • Michael Honegger Photography

This face of Syria greeted me yesterday morning as she reached the shore
    Michael Honegger Photography This face of Syria greeted me yesterday morning as she reached the shore
  • a young Syrian steps into #EU this morning 180 other #refugees #Lesvos #Greece #refugeesGr via Michael Honegger fb
    a young Syrian steps into #EU this morning 180 other #refugees #Lesvos #Greece #refugeesGr via Michael Honegger fb
and the 10 points by EU to Protect the West

Greece will get €460mln for migration program, the EU Commissioner Demetres Avramopoulos announced  to Greece, undelining that actions have to be taken immediately in response to the crisis situation in the Mediterranean.

According to the Plan, European Member States will have to ensure fingerprinting of all migrants.  

The ten point action plan on migration, as officially anounced on April 20, 2015 after the meeting of Joint Foreign and Home Affairs Council by the European Foreign and Interior Ministers, chaired by High Rep resentative / Vice-President Federica Mogherini and held in Luxembourg, Migration was presented by the Home Affairs and Citizenship Commissioner Avramopoulos.

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The Greek Emergency Plan

The decisions were announced by Gabriel Sakellaridis and concern the
  • the urgent need for developing specific areas  in camps and existing infrastructure, where we are all necessary medical examinations and compliance with all health and safety rules
  •  The identification of the newcomenrs and the sorting to undocumented  migrants or refugees after their transfer to reception centers in the mainland Greece.
Syrian refugees will receive “all necessary documents by the soonest possible process, (without circumventing the European treaties) by the authorities responsible in Greece
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the Risk notified April2015

Frontex 2015 :Many migrants claimed to be Syrian, and were thus handed an administrative notice allowing them to stay in Greece for up to six months, even without applying for asylum.

Screening processes of some migrants revealed a high degree of falsely claimed nationalities to avoid return.
Not knowing the nationality of migrants who are illegally crossing the border and travelling within the EU is evidently a vulnerability for EU internal security.

the european response: military

the threat described


Propaganda released by Isis has detailed plans to use Libya as a base to cause “pandemonium” in Europe by hijacking immigrant boats crossing the Mediterranean, noted the Indepent on

The essay,
translated by counter-extremism think-tank the Quilliam Foundation, said:
 “(Libya) has a long coastline and looks upon the southern Crusader states, which can be reached with ease by even a rudimentary boat and note that the number of ‘illegal immigration’ trips from this coast is massive, estimated to be as high as 500 people a day, as a low estimate.

“According to many [of these immigrants], it is easily possible to pass through Maritime Security Checkpoints and arrive in cities.

Charlie Winter, the Quilliam researcher who wrote the report, emphasised that the essay must be treated as “unofficial propaganda” and could not be taken as fact, although it provided an insight into Isis’ thinking.

EU security questioned, says Frontex

The Annual Risk Analysis from Frontex
 (Annual Risk Analysis  by Niels Frenzen, 05 May 2015),  on the Detections of Illegal Border-Crossing Between Border Crossing Points, undelines that  the EU internal security is under question, pointing that screening for falsely claimed asylum seekers needs urgent surveillance and vigillance

Already, reported findings worrying

  • A Syrian national, arrested among migrants rescued on the island of Chios by the Coast guard, had saved on his mobile phone photos with arms and ammunition from battlefields in Syria. When interrogated he declared himself as “dissident” who fights against the Assad government 
  • Also, the arrest of a 18 year old Albanian  is reported on the Greek-Albanian border for illegal entry . The Albanian, who allegedly confessed that his intention was to travel to Syria, and was deported.More

the Greek CDC Emergency Plan

The Emergency Response Plan  provided to the government  by  the Greek CDC  (HCDCP) to be activated  on the country’s entry points since first moments of the migrants’ arrival, activates the creation of a Trafficking and Migrating Populations Observatory on the Crossroad Greece for the  recording and evaluation of health data,  as to further assist to Emergency Response initiatives and facilitate the proper emergency political or operational decisions for the national and Global safety, and sets as primer initiative the provision of the Migrants' Health Card, ensuring the medical screening and immunizations required for the migrants populations according to their origin country and the traffickng routes, so as to assure their safe entrance to the Western world and let Greece protect its side the Global Health Village Safety  Go to our updated story May 20, 215

"We have to act forcefully and directly, since we do not know which epidemiological models do the migrants carry, even though many of them are healthy. It's no secret that many immigrants, are tuberculosis or malaria carriers, among other transmitted diseases. Many children are unvaccinated even for Polio, and this is of great concern.."   Professor Thanasis Giannopoulos, Greek CDC( HCDCP) President, April 20, 2015

Greek CDC President



and fed for a decade the human trafficking bomb between Greece and Turkey

the Update 

Lesvos, the diamond of Aegean turning to a 'Greek Lampedusa' 

Overloading the Aegean's biggest isle 

Authorities on the eastern Aegean island of Lesvos this week issued α dire warning that the border isle turning into a new “Lampedusa” as some 3,000 illegal migrants have arrived on the island since the start of 2015.On its announcement, the Union of Coast Guard Personnel of Lesvos points to a five-fold increase (totaling 3,000) in the number of illegal migrants arrested upon arrival in the first three months of this year compared to 2014 January-March period

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the shocking network revealed 

The trafficking routes to the islands of Aegean and the smugglers’ methods, contacts and interfaces revealed a recent official Report of the Greek Police that is conducted by the cooperation of the Greek National Intelligence Service.
According to the report, persons and contacts from Greece provide assistance to the Turkish smugglers and on time information as to successfully “synchronize” their movements to avoiding or verde the Coast Guard patrols  find that, May 2015

the Greek Response

 Preparedness and Diplomacy

Special trainned crews of the Greek Police Counter-Terrorism and the Greek National Intelligence Service, specialized on international-Islamist terrorism, are sent to the illegal immigrants’ entry points of Greece, the Aegean islands of Mytilini, Chios,and others, and to the Northern border station of Evros National Intelligence Service and the Greek Police have been set on the Alert on the country’s Entry Points for the possibility fighters of the Islamic State (ISIS) to entry Europe through Greece among the hundreds and thousands immigrants that arrive daily on the islands of Eastern Aegean. Go to our Greek2m eye story

Greece- Turkey FA ministers' agreement on measures to increase Aegean maritime safety

"We agreed to reopen the exploratory talks, which concern the continental shelf in the Aegean, and to continue the discussion on confidence-building measures, on which I would say we have already had some success" said Nikos Kotzias in Insambul We have already agreed on and announced confidence-building measures for maritime safety, which include 9 technical aspects that we won’t go into in a press conference.

Humanitarianism for war refugees

Government spokesperson: 

“The refugee problem is international and not Greek. It requires seriousness, composure and above all humanity. 

The earliest records show that the motivation of the vast majority of these people are  not primarily financially driven to immigrate, but due to the immediate danger fro their life, “and this is obviously a factor to be taken seriously.

the national demand

Tsipras asks for the Revision of Dublin II, III, treaties, condemns far-left approach on migrationThe Dublin treaty has to be revised, said Prime Minister Tsipras after his meeting with the EU Commissioner on migration Demetris Avramoulos, “The need of a national strategic on migration is more urgent than ever”, said Alexis Tsipras, emphasizing on the same moment, that migration in Geece is primarily a European solidarity issue.   The “previous Greek governements have let the country transform to a warehouse of souls”, said the Prime Minister. “Also the tackling of migration has been left during these years mainy to the Police, nurturing ,at the moment as a problem, the contradictory appoaches of far-left,Go to full story

Refugees/migrants: Health Screening obligatory

Polio Risk looming in Greece

Greece's own Armageddon... is in the air 

By Polio risk looming over  Europe, Greece is fetching the unbearable burden of  Protecting the Western world's Health Safety, in a more than tragic Armageddon scenario 

find out why  by the Greek to me ! article,  October 2013

Now: mobile Greek CDC units on the islands entry points

In cooperation with the Greek CDC, (HCDCP), an Emergency Program has been established,  said  Deputy Minister of Migration Policy, Tasia Cchristodoulopoulou to the mayors of the country on May 17, 2015
  • for the testing and the medical care of the migrants on the entry points of the country with the aid and expertise of the Greek CDC mobile units", 
  • European funding has been requested  for a passenger ship to transport the migrants from the islands to the mainland.
Bio-Check Borders control Syrian refugees need Polio screening and vaccination to enter Northern European Countries by official documents
By the governments' new Emergency Program for the migrants' influx, the Greek Center of Disease Control(HCDCP) special trained teams, –the most expertise -trainned on "Human trafficking masses’" Health safety crews throughout Europe since the start of the phenomenon on 2005-are standing on the Aegean islands and the borders’ frontline, supporting the First line screening proceedures and taking precautionary measures for the Global Village safety, including if needed blood samples control.more

Summer 2014:  Greek to me ! had first notified and reported the atypical, but still sytematic transfer of the migrarants by the daily ships from the Aegean islands to Athens that was taking place silntly, thoug shockingly obviously. Migratns , dozens of them that travelled that way, were not screened, unchecked migrants were sent by the govt to Athens daily, boarding among travelers and tourists. By the Ebola epidemic being on its peak, Border Control was the WHO Order to countries, especially to those possible to host travelers or migrants from affected areas . Greek CDC, (HCDCP), as soo How dangerous could the unchecked migrants travelling among everybody else, be, for the travelers' safety and the Global village? How safe are you to travel today?

On board, to and from the Aegean islands 
August 2014
You might have met illicit immightans traveling with you, to and from the Aegean islands all the 2014 summer around .Migrants were traveling everyday to Athens from the islands remaining unchecked Which countries did those migrants come from ? Where did they find the money to travel? Were they using toliets and public toilets and cabins of the shi? Were the travelers aware?  More , go to the Greek to me Exlusive story

the On Board to Aegean islands-June2014 story published by Greek to me !  led to an instant reaction of the independent MP Vasilis Kapenaros who set a formal question to the Greek Parliament, asking straight the previous govt Greek Ministers in charge, for not only the biological safety issues, by the error for Ebola coming first, but also for a live terrorism threat, since the dozens of undocumented migrants were  travelling daily by the ferry boats with no escort of Greek police. Find that in our Greek to me News story

Scary questions for Aegean Safety Control
October 2014

Does EU have to protect its borders from Ebola, and especially Greece, by the hundreds of immigrants arriving on Aegean from the Ebola affected, or neighboring to African countries?A question to the European Parliament raised by an Italian EMP, asks straight for the possibility of Ebola to be brought to Mediterranean by the immigrants that cross the Aegean sea. But does Greece worry, or not ?  Read this article by moodhacker, Greek to me !
October 2014
Minister of Health:
"The immigrants should be screened as soon as arrested",said finally Makis Voridis, Minister of Health of Samaras governement .
Learn about the scary gaps on Greece's protection from Ebola and other  contaminating diseases  
What should have been done, and  What isn;t done at all -,Which have been the errors, -and Which the  Preparedness holes and unbelievable delays. Go to our  greek2m News story
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The  Ebola Recommendations
by the Greek CDC  (HCDCP/ KEELPNO) for Travelers
to and From the African Countries

The Ebola scare on Greece's  door

"The travel time from departing from the the nearest port of the affected areas like Concary of Guinea to the arrival of a ship to Greece is estimated to 10 days

Since the incubation period of Ebola virus is 21 days, the possibility of an Ebola case arrival by ship to a Greek port, does exist. Consequently, it is an obligation of all the ships of international navigation, before arriving to Greek ports, to sent a Maritime Declaration of Health signed by the captain of the ship"


Look What Happened on this NUDIST beach as 17 illegal immigrants turn up on Canary Islands November 2014

Red Cross workers left masks, food and water 50 metres away from the 19 Africans who arrived at the famous Maspalomas sand dunes on Gran Canaria in a small boat in a bid to find a better life in Spain.

Find this article on Crossroad Greece by greek2m


Always remember: Protect yourself  Handwashing & Repellent Do save your lives in Greece

Insects, especially mosquitoes, are an all day threat to travellers to and from Greece, so Greek CDC, (HCDCP) recommends:

  • Wear clothing with long sleeves and long pants after sunset
  • Use mosquito nets at night
  • use repellents

Happening now:

"A passenger ship to transport the migrants from the islands to the mainland, has already been a European fund request by the govt"  Deputy Minister of Migration Policy, Tasia Cchristodoulopoulou, May17, 2015
 Pireus port, Attiki: migrants, undocumented most of them,  screened by Police  sent by the islands' authorities to Athens by the ship, provided monhtly permisssion documents. After that they have to appear to the Greek Police again, wheteher they have decalred themselves refugees or undocumented migrants .
April 2015

Unknown they
have always


Greece doesn't know how many immigrants are in the country.

How many came, how many left

Where from, or where to

Often, the authorities don't know either, where immigrants that are arrested do come from. Unknown idedinty , unknown trafficking paths, unknown numbers, unknown country of origin full story Illicit immigrants' Camps: A Warehouse of souls Business, made in Greece, Aug.2013

since Charlie Hebdo

What the Norman Atlantic Ferry Disaster dramatically revealed 

Samaras- Renzi: Dozens, may be hundreds,  of unaccounted, missing bodies were lost by the NEVER ANSWERED QUESTION OF HOW MANY are still missing and how many had been found. By the Charlie Hebdo terror attack having set the whole Europe .How many unaccounted migrants were traveling in the garage?  How dangerous could that be that in the womb of Europe?  Find full article on  Norman Atlantic Disaster Page 

...and earlier

Germany furious with Times report presenting facts that ex Greek govern ment sent Syrian refugees to central Europe, under “secret deals

Anger as Greece sends its migrants to Germany  "Certainly, if the former Greek government did not act in accordance to EU law, this must be punished and prosecuted by the European Commission.”

said Stephan Mayer, German Chancellor’s Angela Merkel representative as soon as the Chancellor was informed  by January 2015  MORE

harlie changed Europe

Terror Alert : In the Heart of Europe, through the Transit Greece December 2014

This isn' t going to stop"  How we  are moving from a world of mega terror in the 9/11 era to decentralized autonomous, smaller scale and harder-to-detect operations
by Europol
Greek police had received urgent warning from Europol about the possibility of  a terrorist attack  in European countries  with most likely targets being Belgium, the Netherlands and Britain.

Islam “belongs to Germany”had said German Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Monday,January 12,  a day after walking arm-in-arm with the world' leaders at the front of a massive march in Paris, to honor the victims of killings by Islamic militants