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Lyrics: Odusseas Elytis

Music: Mikis Theodorakis
24/9/2012 version: Marios Fragouis 

                       Theater Herodeion,Athens

"What's WORTH is " ( Αξιον Εστι )

Υou, the Fair Sun of my mind, Sun of Justice,
and You, the  Myrtle of Glory,
Do Not, I beg of yοu,
Do not Forget my Country!


                               Odysseas Elytis

    Who stepped first on red carpet?

He was Greek. A King . 

And the Red Carpet Ritual was roled out by his Loving Wife for his Victory Welcome after Trojan war.   

Then she killed him. 

In the ancient Greek play Oresteia 

Clytemnistra rolls out a carpet in honor of her husband, King Agamemnon, as he returns victorious from the Trojan war.  The carpet may have been purple rather than red, although there are conflicting views on the archaeologists' studies .

In the ancient Greek tragedy written by Aeschylus, she plays the loving, waiting wife who attempts to persuade Agamemnon to step on a red tapestry or carpet to walk into “his” palace as a true returning conqueror.  For the religious Principles of Ancient Greece, though, the carpet ritual could  indicate  to the Gods the scale  arrogance , and indignity , the "hybris" that the human  Agamemnon could have reached as a result of his victory and provoke their anger. Eventually, Clytemnestra  does persuade Agamemnon to cross the tapestry to enter the oikos, the home The weird part is that after Agamemnon’ steps on the carpet, Clytemnistra murders him -

In modern times the red carpet is synonymous to the most of glam , and showbiz glory, the Oscar night , but as well to other, more commercial and less VIP settings such as  with entertainment awards, glamour and visiting VIPs, but just why is it we use a red carpet?

No-one seems absolutely sure of the origin, but like so many aspects of our culture and even science it has been suggested that it goes all the way back to ancient Greece and the classical play Agamemnon.

One way or another this fable passed down through centuries with the purple fading to a plain deep red which only the most important members of society were to walk on.

Railroads seem to have really commercialised the practice commonly rolling out red carpets on platforms to direct passengers to the correct portion of the train just as many hotels will run red carpets from the pavement into their lobbies for arriving guests, Vip's and non ...

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Do it yourself  to paint the real Karyatis and live online the thriving experience!

Melina Merkouri revives the moto "Travel to Greece", ..., forever! 

"wherever I go I travel to Greece..." Melina

The Melina Mercouri

Foundation, the Cultural Organization of Prespes and ADaM Productions of Badminton Theater present the performance, Melina-wherever I travel to, Greece…, a grand tribute to the famous Greek actress Melina Mercouri. 

The premier of the performance last year  took place on August 24, 2013 in Prespes, as part of the Prespeia International Festival and was  presented at the Odeon of Herodes Atticus on September 7,greekreporter, 2/7/2013

the What-made-Art 

  • the hilltop Parthenon, dedicated to the goddess Athena and completed in 432 BC;
  • the striking and recently updated Acropolis Museum
  • the touristy yet charming Plaka neighborhood, Don't miss the Theseion ( try the metro from Monastiraki! )
  • the Panathenaic Olympic Stadium and the 
 Lycabettus Hill.

Sophocles, The Trachiniae (Women of Trachis)

National Theatre of Greece - Thomas Moschopoulos 

Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus .

the greek Body : The way it's meant to be

A Greek classic!  the  Ancient amphitheatre live, the way it's meant to be 
...heard from the top tier of marble seats 55 rows above Epidaurus Epidaurus is holding the vibes of what is Drama for  millenials. Drama as an Art, Drama for Passion, Drama by its echoes ....


 Back in time and space 

Meet Greece through the ruins that made glory and history

The centuries of outstanding art on your feet .....

The Male body
Through ancient
Greek eyes

With all the attention that the world’s ladies receive, whether for good or for bad, there is no denying that it over shadows the men… however, this isn’t how male beauty was revered and celebrated by the Ancient Greeks and in the Dolce&Gabbana SS2014 fashion show.

Going down to our routes.....

What style are  these columns? 

 Ionic, Doric  or Korinthian ?  Become the expert, Traveler!

Tips ( to impress  others..)  

  • broken column? Look on the ground - the capital may be set nearby.
  1. Usually, the plainer the column, the earlier the structure. The more ornate in design, the later it is.
  2. Finances influenced styles also - Corinthian capitals took longer to carve and were more expensive. Ancient builders on a budget might choose to "remember the good old days" instead and use a plainer Doric or Ionic column.

Standing up and standing out are the columns which adorned, supported, and defined the ancient structures. Impress your friends (and maybe even yourself) by easily telling what kind they are.
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Greece is synonymous with antiquity,

with Athens being a city of intriguing paradoxes, 

ancient yet modern; busy but so laid-back;

 a capital city, yet in places as intimate as a village.

explore and get to be here!

BY Guardian Holiday Classic Greece July 2013

Dear Traveller, we might be as poor as never as a western country, but let us tell you that The Hosting Art of Philoxenia to the world, just runs in our genes. Our Pleasure to host you by the best kind of information service that would please you . For the moment trip with us, to the journey that runs everyday in lives. In Greece. Stay with us!

It might be Greece's darkest and poorest modern years,  but the Hymne to the Art on this Land 

has been ever-classic since ever. 

Enjoy the Wellcome Reception of the Acropolis Museum 

for the World's Tourist Day(2012)