Greek to me !

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"The light of Greece opened my eyes, penetrated my pores, expanded my whole being. 
I came home to the world.…" (Henry Miller) 
The Colossus of Maroussi 

It 's the longest days of the year, and Greece is sunkissed on it's most uplifting vibe.

According to the modern science, the early morning wake up is considered as best anti-depressive self treatment, since   the eye gets the chance in that way to absorb most of the natural light of the day. 

The ultimate treatment for winter blues sufferers, melancholics or stressed people of the modern world is ,definitely, science-speaking, the Light


Greek spots, the islands of Aegean or Ionian, the island of the Ancient God of Light Appollo, called Delos, and also Attiki, the land that gave birth to Acropolis, are of the most sunbathed places of the Mediterannean, officially measured by science and internationally worshiped through the ages. 

Just let yourself merge the ancient wisdom of sun-bathing-and- healing to the place, through real experience, or just communcative for the moment through Greek2m ,  and dance in this light !

Reserve your best lift-up mind coctail , for the year clock.....

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 The Light of Greece What is the famous "Greek light" and how can you be sure to see it?


this is 
Greek Blue ZEN

...."Whoever has seen Greece will carry forever in his heart the remembrance of a miracle of light. 

No blinding glare, no blazing colors,

but an all-pervading, luminous brightness which bathes the foreground in a delicate glow, 

yet makes the furthest distances

clearly visible. "

Walter F. Howe, author of  "The Homeric Gods," INTRODUCTION TO Apollo study

 after his visit to Greece in 1924

Sunbathing since the ancient times, HELIOTHERAPY by Hippocrates

Find how heliotherapy in Greece  healed mind and soul through  millenials 


Greece Used Sunlight to Treat Skin Diseases

Often considered the birthplace of modern medicine, the early Greek physician Hippocrates, among others, developed courses of treatment for numerous diseases based on exposure to sunlight. Solaria were structures devoted to sunbathing, which was prescribed to cure ailments of the skin and promote good health and vitality.