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  Thank you Bloomberg, for shedding light on the Greeks' real-time Genocite ....
        ..this Christmas, while State cuts light and electricity in patient's homes, demanding cash, even from those whose the pension is cut.....

                                   What's a Human Right, finally ?

Bloomberg,  By Oliver Staley - Dec 5, 2013 7:01 AM GMT+0200

TRUE! Unemployed Greeks Reconnect as Underground Electricians Defy Law 

Losing electricity is another hardship facing Greece’s

unemployed, who now27 percent of the population able to work. There were 257,002 disconnections because of nonpayment of bills in the first nine months of the year , Bloomberg, December 5

Of course, such reports from the greek media are not allowed, AND WERE NOT ALLOWED AT ALL, by the TROIKA-wrapped system , that demands the greek media to be by this government controlled.

 Bloomberg report   was the only voice that the government did  finally hear ,and definitely,  now, got the message that the Greek Modern Holocaust  can not easily keep being covered. from the world 

For more than one year the state shows to the Greek citizens its most cruel face, and no  kind of mercy at all, for the hundreds thousands of Greek familes, who were just LIVING SILENTLY for months ,,ON SHAME, IN THE DARK, trying desperately  to fing more and more money to pay unbearable taxes. Nobody of them stole this country, for God's shake ! Who took from us so violently our dignity, and any single human right?  The Greek moral could never be more humiliated , and never  could be more true the politcal cannibalism....  Read the full story 

                     Antonis Giakoumatos,the first Penelope Ship officer, to the BBC : 

                                "I feel like I'm waiting to die. "

Greece of the worst countries to grow old!

By the fitrst-ever published 

Global Age Watch Index , the first-ever overview of the wellbeing of older people around the world, even though Greece IS  a Blue Zone, providing longevity to lots of nonagerians... Meet the oxymoron, go to full sotry 

In the years of heartless days... 

Hundreds of thousands of patients are uninsured and do not have access to medical and nursing care, while many thousands of younsters and children are in danger to remain unvaccinated this year. 

As a program for the adoption of uninsured and underprivileged patients in Attica and on  border regions of Greece ,the Clinic Social Mission's program started  in January 2013 covering monthly on its the first phase 1,500 uninsured and unemployed under the supervision of the National Medicines Agency ( EMA) 

According to the ISA the Associaon of Doctors in Athesn, no vaccine has been available for the uninsured citizens to health centers and municipalities . This poses huge risks to public health, as hundreds of thousands of uninsured citizens - among them thousands of children - have no access to vaccination.

" Athens Medical Association is a real  guardian of public health ," said ISA President Mr. George Patoulis," and will be next to each citizen who is suffering and in  need of coverage, under an  economic crisis  that is becoming a humanitarian". 

An empathetic campaign by the Support of the Hellenic American Leadership Council, this Christmas, does make A Difference

In partnership with The Hellenic Initiative, a non-profit group which is helping to fund on-the-ground relief efforts in Greece, HALC is launching its Power of 10 Campaign. From now until December 31st, every dollar you donate through HALC to The Hellenic Initiative's relief efforts will be matched by $10, up to $100,000.  See more and Donate

Watch the Video We Are One Greece, DECEMBER 2013

Guardian confesses there's danger in Greece on spreading the word (of  true distress)

Are you a family or parent affected and using soup kitchens this summer? Or a com-munity

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Yes, Greeks do Care. Still, care is missing 

Brillinat exaple of transfusing love and care to life Picking oranges in Corinth by the volunteer organisation  «atenistas» in cooperation with «We Can» ( and the Qualit Council  of Life Greek of Environmental  Society to glean from a producer located near Kechries Corinth, as many oranges as possible to offer on support of needy and young children of Athens, the big city of poverty nowadays where nutrients and vitamins for the young Greeks are in shortage

Around  6 tons of oranges were collected by the volunteers and offered to the Welcome Center of Solidarity in Athens.

Greece on the breadline(!)

Making a short account of the ten-month practice of the Social Mission Mr. Patoulis said  this could be named a prototype basic  structure of Primary Care in Attica.Staffed by 246 physicians , 23 specialties are on the alert to support the uninsured , homeless and neglected population groups that have been hit by the economic crisis.