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Tsipras in Lesvos, twice in a month 

@MartinSchulz, @tsipras_eu on LifeCrossBorders in the #Aegean ditch

During the scheduled visit of Alexis Tsipras and Martin Schulz to Lesvos, the reality coincidentaly appeared this time more dramatic than expected, and nude… go to our Photo Album News udate 

Interfaith religious bonding humans in grief 

First time in #Greece, Christians and Muslims prayed together on #Interfaith religious Ceremony for #refugeesGr in #Lesvos 

On November 5th the Municipality of Lesvos and Mayor Spyros Galinos organised a solemn ceremony for sharing the grief and praying for the innocent victims of the “Aegean crime”more 

The Helpers' Isle, serving the man

“God helped and saved us” Fisherman by his boat, named Taxarchis the Archangel saves 47  while Coast  Guard could not approach, November, 2015

41 refugees castaways were noticed by the Coast Guard on the uninhabited island Panaghia, Virgin Mary, one of the islets Tokmakia east coast of Lesvos Mandamados, while still the dramatic shipwreck of the 300 migrants on October 28 in this sea keeps the nightmare alive. see more  

Archangel Michael, Taxiarchis the patron and guardian angel of Lesvos

ALERT on #Solidarity

the Cold Europe just looking


Jean Claude Juncker still "does not understand" The President of European Commission expressed his surprise and his dissatisfaction about Greece’s reactions on his suggestion for joint patrols in the Aegean Sea.

“I suggested, and came across with strong reactions, Greeks and Turks to form together a coastguard which will patrol the sea areas between Turkey and the Greek islands. Turks agree, Greeks don’t,” he mentioned adding “should we fight over for a sea area of 10 kilometers wide, who is responsible and where or should we try to save human lives?”more

Tsipras visiting 

Turkey, where also G20 on migration meeting takes place  

The European Union wants leaders of the world's 20 biggest economies to also help tackle a growing migration crisis when they meet in Turkey this month to discuss tax cooperation, trade and climate change.

EU Chairman Donald Tusk and European Commission head Jean-Claude Juncker will push 

at the November 15-16 meeting for a global response..

 see more

the Europe's No way out 

Schulz visiting Lesbos on Thursday, the European Capital of Culture

 Candidate of 2021

"The government's aim is to highlight in its meetings the role of Greece as a frontline country in defense of #Solidarity and humanism, on behalf of the whole of Europe," government's sources have said announcing the President's.and the PM's visit to the island. And this is not irrelevant with the Lesvos islands' candidacy  or becoming the European Capital of Culture in 2021.more


Lesvos 4 Capital

#Solidarity as Civilization

'We have not received any financial support from the European Union whatsoever' 
Mayor of Lesbos Spyros Gallinos
 is proposing European-wide solutions for the #RefugeesCrisis including a plan to resettle refugees in the EU direct from Turkey, as well  as launching a bid for the island to be named the European Capital of Culture in 2021 

Refugees’ support  is our Culture in Greece, and Values  

“Despite continuous economic and social pressures faced by Greece, public opinion has been supportive and positive towards refugees in a manner consistent with our culture and values. Our officers, often under pressure, showed humanity and always respected international law and fundamental European values,”  Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias said during a speech at the 12th ASEM Foreign Ministers’ Meeting in Luxembourg on Friday. find more

Statement on #refugees for first flight of relocation, chosen to be given by Alexis Tsipras in front of photo of #LesvosYiayias, ladies from Lesvos feeding the for #refugee baby more

the Always There 

Greek Heart

Deputy Minister to the Prime Minister Terens Quick visiting Lesbos next to the President of Democracy Prokopis Pavlopoulos, on November 8th, 2015, fro the 103rd anniversary since the island’s liberation from Ottoman Turks 


@TerensQuick :

go to our story for more 

Empathy eases the wounds, bridges the borders and crosses the hearts on the new Culture of Giving, simply spontaneously.#Solidarity's  original Greek version found its emblematic figure on the nanny-yiayia . "We had no idea!!" they simply answered, hearing that their photo has been popped among the top (virals) worldwide. " We feel the pain, they explain. We are also refugees' kids" . In any case, their gesture would be unquestionably the same, under the camera's eyes or no human eyes. Just the eyes of soul. From human to human. find more  

We thank Nayia the Greek!

 just for being part of our world these days . October 18, 2015  

It Is necessary that this gigantic effort that Lesbos is making, impact on the economy and society is matched by an effective European response.”  

Antonio Guterres, High Commissioner for Refugees while visiting Moria Camp Lesvos
October 14, 2015 

"The Prime Minister's statement that Lesvos is a"different face of Europe, the face of solidarity" is a moral vindication to anyone who contributed to the trust that now has been left in Lesvos by the tremendous efforts of the vast majority of the local community, that straightly express the principles of European enlighten

ment and the activation of a broad movement of solidarity",...  

SYRIZA governing Party, October 8

Scottish Foreign Minister MSP Humza Yousaf vows to help refugees after solidarity mission in Lesbos leaves him shaken  It is even worse than I thought. It is impossible to step back from this. It is heartbreaking. The woman who collapsed, she could be my sister. We have a moral obligation to help.’’   

Yousaf is in Lesbos in a demonstration of #solidarity from Scotland, he says, to send a message of compassion from the people of his country.

Humanity algorithm. Only in Greece

NYT, 09/21/2015

Here's a rough guide to the modern world: More efficiency, less humanity. Technology is principally at the service of productivity. Acts of irrational grace are not its thing. They have no algorithm.

Greece has made me think about everything statistics don’t tell you. No European country has been as battered in recent years. No European country has responded with as much consistent humanity to the refugee crisis, more 

Greece has made me think about everything statistics don’t tell you. No European country has been as battered in recent years. 

No European country has responded with as much consistent humanity to the refugee crisis the NYT  21/9/2015


Spontaneous Real Greek Empathy

Since the very first moments that the crisis hit the island of Lesbos  , Port of Mytilini, residents cooking for the migrants, April 2015

the fisherman

..." It has become daily routine for the local fisherman to roam the island’s northern waters on the lookout for migrants in danger.

“I live here, and while the boats come, I can’t stop helping,” he says. “Whenever you might be present on a situation like this, you can’t stop. When the refugees are in trouble, you hear their voices first, screaming for help. Duing all night , the light from lighters being lit by them are on... We find them often overboard in the water trying to swim,” fisherman Pikeris,40, from Lesbos  had said to USA Today, October 8, find that

the baker

The daily ritual of passing out bread takes place a few hundred yards from the celebrated Oriental plane tree where Hippocrates, the father of medicine born on Kos around 460 BC, purportedly taught his medical students ethics and how to care for others.

"Someone who has not starved, cannot put themselves in these people's shoes,
It's 'us'
 and 'them' 
on the same island; 
two parallel lines, that somehow converge to the very meaning of the word 'human'."

the priest

that left the earth...

Papa Stratis is still alive in our hearts, still present in any corner of this island which constantly demands our humanism and giving spirit. Everyone knows him, too many of those ready-to-help have met him. He has created first the AGALIA, THE HUG NGO, ,by making HIMSELF THE PARADIGM OF a Hug in real open, to anyone that might need it around.  Papa Stratis passed away on the days the whole world noticed the Lesbos drama and Lesbos' Empahty by the thousands of  humans crosssing their lives for life.....  more

the milkman

Karagiannakis only knew a few words in English but was able to communicate with one of the leaders of the group. 

 “we weren’t able to communicate because I only spoke Greek and they spoke Arabic, but I could see the hunger, pain and suffering in their eyes.” "The refugees were scared and hungry and many of the children were crying constantly".....

He left the refugees and headed to his farm and started milking his goats, filling buckets of fresh milk and returning over an hour later to offer the refugee children some nourishment.

 “we weren’t able to communicate because I only spoke Greek and they spoke Arabic, but I could see the hunger, pain and suffering in their eyes.”

and now what?

Les Paradis!!!!!!

the Nothing 2 Inform



the disappointment

Is unity worth it?

After all, this is the same European Union that only three years ago won the Nobel Peace Prize for its half century of efforts in molding former enemies into a tight political bloc where reconciliation was an article of faith, and ever-tighter union almost a foregone conclusion....

go to our SOS Greece presentation. Photos taken by Greek to me!,  moodhacker 

the tiny window

It was a “tiny window “ of time around Spt 10th that let the 55.000+ refugees to exit the Aegean Lesbos isle, and Greece and make it to central  Europe, bringing by, their hope for a life and a smile on that, having gambled their survival on seas and earth for days and nights.They had been unbearably stacked for a week and more each one on this isle, and might have NEVER make it to leave, TREATED LIKE ANONYMOUS ZOMBIES, THE WAY THEY WERE LEFT TO WAIT on Lesbos- FOR A PIECE OF PAPER ONLY, 

Not accidentally, as it finally came out   The #setupfiasco was aiming 

  • 1. to make refugees spend their time on the island unless the border would close 
  • 2. to let refugees spend all their money before leaving for central Europe 
  • 3. to make them pay 200 euros each on the black market which was making big business on the island of Lesbos, as our Greek2m contributors  Basel and Luna Wafta officially denounced to the local authorities. 

Keep going my friends. You truly helped this place find its Response, and clean up the dirt of ethics and malpractices...

Posted by Maria Papapanagiotou on Friday, September 11, 2015

#Set Up

Some hours later ,  identification took place for more than 20.000 people in three days, and the boats arrived on the island, starting to transport to Athens more than 3000  people daily.. Since ten, the problems of delaying refugees' registration and so on their depart
Greek to me ! September 11, 2015

We are so glad you made it! 
So proud 
of you

Luna Watfa 
October 30 at 11:51pm ·Back to journalism ! my first article in German newspaper to be published soon .Thanks extend to Wolfgang Pfeiffer.And my beloved Basel Watfa: togather we can turn the impossible to possible