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Mykonos & Lesvos Among Top Honeymoon Spots For Gay Couples

Although same sex weddings are not currently legal in Greece, Cyprus & Italy, the Same Sex Blessings are organised on the Greek islands , and it is becoming a Hype, among the gay populations of the world .

As many countries, including the UK, only allow the civil partnership ceremony to take place indoors, a same sex blessing abroad allows gay couples to have a ceremony in a more romantic setting such as the beachfront of a Greek island, 

Beautiful ceremonIes have taken place recently for international gay couples in Greece, with the exchanging of rings and vows Some include poems, sayings, and songs that have a special meaning to the couple.

Some companies organize Same Sex Blessings in ZanteCyprus,SantoriniMykonos the Amalfi Coast in Italy with more destinations on the way.

Locations for same sex blessings include beaches, verandas, gardens, sunset terraces, the choice is endless

Declare your love for each other
in Greece
Gay couples LOVE it!

Every step of the way to your special day, that will always be remember as the most beautiful of your life!

Although Gay weddings are not legally binding as the actual Greek law does not permit a legal union, many gay and lesbian couples from all around the world are choosing to have their dream symbolic wedding in Greece and sign the legal papers in their country of residence before of after their romantic blessing ceremony.

Greece has wonderful settings and very open minded hotel and villas where gay weddings and parties are welcome and it is the perfect destination to celebrate your love for each other in front of your family and friends. If you want to say “I do” in a unique and unforgettable way then Aegean Dream Weddings can offer you a wedding experience of a lifetime, for that moment of a lifetime.

At Aegean Dream, we realize the importance of having your celebration at a venue in which you will be accordingly welcomed and celebrated.  And you should let professionals who feel similarly to help you choose venues, vendors as they can connect you with the gay friendly ones.

egative for Same Sex Marriage the government of Mr.Samaras

Greek Minister of Justice, Charalambos Athanasiou, told MEGA Channel on Tuesday December 2, said that he is categorically opposed to same sex marriage, saying Greece is a country that "respects human nature".

     "No way, it's inconceivable. Besides, the human rights convention forbids it. When it talks about marriage it talks about a man and a woman. We are a country that respects traditions, respects human nature, and it's not possible, at least for this government and this ministry, to allow marriage," he said. 
The Minister appeared more flexible with civil partnerships which have been established in Greece but only for heterosexual couples.
     "Our country has been condemned. There's a ruling by the European Court of Human Rights which has condemned us for not recognising civil partnerships. It's a reality and we cannot turn a blind eye," the minister said, adding he has set up a committee to reform some aspects of family law and civil partnerships will be one of them.
     "The problem is, what are the consequences of the partneship. Do we limit ourselves to social security, pension and inheritance rights? Do we go as far as adoptions, custodies etc? It's not a simple issue. Out country has structures - from a religious, political and social point of view. How far will it go?" he said, by Hellas. Frappe