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Greek to me !

  Health, Wellness & Happiness  Travel to Greece 

  • Libertad‏, Luly 19th, Azul 
#Patmos island, #Greece through my lens
    Libertad‏, Luly 19th, Azul #Patmos island, #Greece through my lens
  • @TheBluWalk @VisitWorldwide #Greece  #Travel white chalk play ground
    @TheBluWalk @VisitWorldwide #Greece #Travel white chalk play ground
  • Greek Consulate NY‏ @GreeceinNewYork  Jul 14
    Greek Consulate NY‏ @GreeceinNewYork Jul 14
  • @Greekacom #Alonissos island, perfect place to relax &enjoy nature, July 20
    @Greekacom #Alonissos island, perfect place to relax &enjoy nature, July 20
  • Why Athens‏ @WhyAthens  Jul 12
    Why Athens‏ @WhyAthens Jul 12
"Oh God, you spend so much blue so that we cannot see you"...

Odysseas  #Elytis #Greek Poet and Nobel Laureate,

by @GreeceinNewYork July 14


Awaken Your Senses, it's #Greece !


Smells like..Athens! Greece by your Senses

Visiting the sights in Greece can also create an aroma-experience. Surrounding the Acropolis are caves where earth, wind and fire meet and...

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#GreekSmell: The thousands fruit trees that bloom ...  Sour orange, mulberry, some lemon and mandarin, many sofores or giakArantes, olives and pines..


For Your Eyes Only , the most beautiful street in the world

When the old tree of flowering wisteria blossoms, the world's most beautiful street, found in Molyvos on the island of Lesvos ...

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The Very Original Coquille St Jacque . Try it in "Aristotelis lagoon" area.

Find where it is in our article 


Don't Miss The Laterna ! Find it while you' re walking around Athens and the islands  Go to 

Laterna You Tube Collection by greek2ml

Channel 2017 launching Greece as the Blue Zone  Find more

The #HotelBrain multiple 2017 #Tourism Awards

In a memorable week, HotelBrain and the hotels under its management received a total of 16 accolades in recognition of its excellence in hospitality and  a total of 10 awards — five gold, three silver and two bronze awards — at the...

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A new #Tourism Boom for #Greece this year expected, by SETE Intelligence

Incoming traffic to Greece, including cruise travelers, is forecast to reach 28 million this year... Read Full Post 

The unique natural shaped  rocks offer the feeling that you’ve landed on the moon..Read Full Post »

his is
Greek Blue ZEN

 the Green Blue Space Effect to Change your Brain in Greece   Full Post »

....."Whoever has seen Greece will carry forever in his heart the remembrance of a miracle of light.

No blinding glare, no blazing colors,

but an all-pervading, luminous brightness which bathes the foreground in a delicate glow,

yet makes the furthest distances

clearly visible. "

Walter F. Howe, author of  "The Homeric Gods," INTRODUCTION TO Apollo study

 after his visit to Greece in 1924


The New hype

being already one of the world’s largest, fastest growing, and most resilient markets.

Αccording to the Global Wellness Summit, the global wellness “cluster”.. 

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Alessandra Ambrosio ZEN moments in  Mykonos,  2016
Find more for our Special Greek Dean Karnazes here   

Wellness Travel in Greece

Wow ! First Spas in the world were Greek  


 Places with warm water springs where the combination of the essence of nature prime elements, minerals and water, mix with the senses.They can be found all over Greece

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Eco-Alternative Greece

Sense Zagori, Top Alternative Travel to Greece

The National University of Athens and the Zagoria Excellence Network presented the launch of “Sense Zagori Project”, a project that concerns the promotion and development of Zagori and the wider region.Read Full Post »

Riding Santorini Greece, Matteo Magarotto find that 

Hiking or walking tourism is a low cost activity, it can take place anywhere and be combined with an array of activities”, according to a study conducted by the University of Thessaly ... 

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Send The Greek Aroma by Poststamp

Scratch and Sniff 

 New Hellenic Post Stamps of Greek Herbs Find that 


What makes You Happy in Greece?

Wellness in Greece Page by greek2m
Make up your pleasure map by our special Page
The Greek islands immeditely simmer visions of paradise beaches, gorgeous hillside cities and beautiful ancient culture and architecture.


The guest satisfaction score at Greece’s hotels is higher than

"To be thoroughly and completely lazy, thoroughly and completely indifferent to the fate of the world,  is the finest medicine a man can give himself. ...'', "

That voyage. . .was the apex of my happiness, my joy, a very great eye-opener

... "

Henry Miller in Greece in 1942

for original  text  Tropic of Cancer click on photo

Alexis Ren Mykonos 2016, find that  

Eat to Happiness Greek food for mood 

Go  to Special Page

Relax with us! 
Through Greek2m,
 know how you really should relax on an earthy paradise...
Follow the steps, link to ZEN apps, and take advantage of the Greece's power of nature to fully detox from  winter blues ...

The Hidden Beauty:The island village on the Acropolis feet


Live Forever in Greece

Welcome to the Greek Blue Zone, You can stay forever...!

...It’s a mind and body combination of factors on a lifestyle that takes place away from big cities, driven from our ancient ancestors’ roots on Medicine, and kept alive since then, on the island of Ikaria especially.

By recent Research Ikaria popped up among the five and only in the world countries of the Blue Zones

Go to our article on Greek2m News, by moodhacker

Greek Centenarians: How they do it ?

As it seems, the longevity cocktail is based on a fourfold -package of lifestyle choices that contribute to mind and body wellness .These are

  • exercise,
  • healthy diet,
  • family cohesion
  • and the "relaxed" view of things – a wisdom of “beyond being” on the stressful matters of life , which brings, f.I, the Ikarians to recognize the foreigners among them by checking if they wear a watch. Learn why...

The Beyond The Ages Very Greek Lifestyle

Healing Herbs through History  !

The Miracle three Cretan Herbs that Keep

 #Cold&Flu away by International Pharma Company based on University study  

Sexy Greeks, longwise 

The aphrodisiac

 in Ancient Greece , find that 

on our 



The famous souvlaki, not-Greek-by-name, is Real ancient Greek 

Don't miss:  the Real Greek Good Try!

It's almost cheap, blessed and delicious...
The original Greek goods make all the senses light up, feed the cells of mind and body,  and guarantee longevity, while giving your mood a boost. 
Try the Greek bio treasures straight from the the Greek motherland
Go also to the Happy Greek Food Page

travelers health by greek2m

Travelers' Healthy Navigation by Greek2m

Pet Travel Safety Recommendations for Greece

Greek2m Travel Pet : In town or on islands,  Keep me happy next to, you please!

protect from bits in Greece

Protect from bites
All mosquitoes are carryig viruses !
WNV , malaria, Dengue Fever

Cruise Travelers Health Recommendations for Greece
For Cruise Travelers
Health and Sanity Guidelines

Eternal Greece

#Walk through your soul in #Athens: You can see and sense Emotions Exhibition at the Acropolis Museum  The unseen emotional landscape in ancient art is explored in the exhibition “εmotions” organised by the Acropolis Museum and the Onassis Foundation, which is to open in Athens on Tuesday and run until November 19.Featuring 129 artifacts from some of the greatest museums in the world, the exhibition was first shown at the ...

Democracy Never dies 

U.S. Ambassador to Greece, Geoffrey Pyatt,


What makes a Greek?

Greeks are  the people that consider their religious faith, Orthodox Christianity, an integral part of their national identity more than  anyone else , the recent Pew research showed. Despite that, one could notice, Greeks voted an officially declared atheist for Prime Minister,..

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