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The standard requirements for bringing a pet into Greece are that your pet must be micro chipped and registered, and must have had a rabies vaccination within the last 12 months, but more than 30 days ago.

Throughout the EU there are standard rules for the issuing of a PET passport and animals travelling within the EU are required to have one. More information on the passport scheme and travelling with pets is available on the DEFRA Website:

Pets must be transported by an authorised carrier. Aegean Airlines and other International scheduled airlines will transport pets to Greece.

Make sure you locate a local Vet (‘ktiniatros’) and obtain an emergency telephone number as soon as you arrive in Greece with your pet. Unfortunately poisoning of animals is a fairly common occurrence. Dogs and cats may eat something coated in poison, or get poison on their paws and lick it off. If you suspect your pet has eaten poison contact your vet immediately. Intravenous drugs to counteract the effects must be given as quickly as possible.

Take care! Rabies is here in Greece .
What you should do

Rabies in Greece! 

You should definitely immunize your pet before coming in Greece. Rabies is back in this country, to our

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Traveling by car with your pet

You know they want to go along – so why not take them?


Make sure your pets are healthy, schedule a visit with your vet, and renew any shots that are due. Some Hotels now require that you show proof that your pet’s shot record is current.

Be sure to give them a treatment of flea and tick medicine as some areas may be infested with fleas and ticks.

A treatment of heartworm medicine is recommended since mosquito’s can infect your pet. More Perfect tips for pet travel

Pet Friendly Hotel 

Need a pet friendly hotel in Greece?

The information published here is a guideline for pet owners importing their pet to Greece. Further detail on import permits (if applicable), costs, tests and procedures are available at minimal cost if you need them. We also stock all the equipment and accessories you will need for traveling with your pet. Same day shipping until 4:00 PM EST.

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Pets on Board 

Dear Pets Owners,
When travelling with your pet/s, there are rules and regulations which must be followed by the pet owners and ferry companies alike.

Regarding Greece and Greek Law, ferry companies flying the Greek flag come under PD 101/1973, 61 FEK 31/03/95 which states:

1) Passenger ships over 25 meters in length must provide specially-designed areas for pets travelling with their owners. These areas must have 1 animal cage for every 200 passengers.

2) Disabled passengers, accompanied by specially-trained pets, must have the appropriate, valid paperwork/certificate which permits the animal to remain with the owner throughout the ship.

The bottom line: find out as much as you can in advance. If in doubt, prepare for the unexpected.

Consider the case of a couple vacationing in Italy, whose cat got out and fought with a stray just before their return to the United States. The cat was bitten by the stray, but because it had been vaccinated for rabies and its owners had the paperwork handy, U.S. Customs and Border Protection was able to clear the cat for entry immediately. The cat's veterinarian at home was able to treat the wound without delay, and the cat is now doing just fine after its adventures abroad. 

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