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The Greek landscape is determined by colourful hills and valleys full of plants, but Greeks consider them so basic in their daily routine  that they seed oregano, basil, dill, parsley, mint and other herbs in pots at their balconies or in their yards.


enjoy our slideshow in 3D


Find them on your Feet, Smell them,
Heal by them 

Greek cuisine boasts delightful, tasteful, light and healthy ingredients that are supported by the climate and nutritional elements of the land.

The sun and salty sea play a key role in the growing process of agricultural products, with unique beneficial effects on crops. And of course, raw materials are fresh and rich in nutrients

The Ancient Greeks discovered the therapeutic properties of greens and herbs. 

Many Greek philosophers recommended a healthy and balanced diet to heal diseases and pain.

Greeks used herbs both fresh and dried, as whole leaves or crushed/flaked, as they still do today, they  use stems and not only leaves from many herbs for cooking

Go to our Spicy Greek2m 3D Slideshow (some pictures on the gallery above) to find most of the common herbs and spices by their pharmaceutical indication according to the Ancient Greece's Medicine's knowledge  

 More spices, popular around the world, but also rare for their nutritional value that can be found only in the Greek land, on the slideshow below   

slideshow source :Greek Herbs, God's pharmacy Maria Vassilopoulou linkedin


The thousands Years of Therapeutical Greek Herbs and Spices use 

by latest science update 

the healing Greek spices to save you from flu

The Miracle three Cretan Herbs that Keep #Cold&Flu away

The Unique in Greece Spicy Heavy Industry

A brave example of the exploitation of Greece's unique "botanical garden"... 

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the ancient Greek ginger, a product of international commerce

Any idea of the Ancient DNA of the real Greek ginger? 

Absolutely - our country is the paradise of plants and herbs, uniquely worldwide . We have 6,500 plants in Greece, of which 1,200 are endemic. Only Mount Olympus hosts 1,700 plants, and the not to forget , the rock of the Acropolis hosts 300 endemic spices . Only 200 spices have been thoroughly studied scientifically around the world.  Countries such as Germany and England have just a two-digit number of endemic plants. I think that the prospects are clear.

George Korres, March 2017 

and the donkeys give the ride....  

Mainland Greece, thyme and oregano collected illegally from the wild mountain fields in  their road to market ...


Smell the roses!

In Greece , Be Scent-sational

Be “scent-sational.”, while you are in Greece. You have thousand reasons a day, as by any chance a scent vapours our sensors as you walk around, not only in countryyard or in the parks, but actually , in every corner 

You’d be surprised about the impact simple things can have on your mood and starting frist, consider your sense of smell. By being in an environment where pleasurable scents exist, your mood is automatically elevated.

• Lavender for example is a scent that promotes relaxation. You may find it so often in Greece's gardens, even just next to your room. Take advantage of it ,  and awake your sense of smelling , You 'll be delightfully surprised . 
Find out what the roses that you meet around the cities and villages, the basil, and more mean to your mood by  our Pinterest Special Board 
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