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Let the Churches

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Let our Prayers Cross in Sky 

The American priest wrote a lengthy commentary on, called 

“The Joint Prayer of Muslims and Orthodox Christians: Violation of Canons or Expression of Love?” citing the unprecedented situation Greece and Greeks are facing and noting the challenges of those facing these crises first hand, with those further away.

“The closer you are, of course, to any of these events,” he said, “the more emotionally charged you can be

Those of us further away can have a less emotional and more rational response.” 

The priest went on to conclude his remarks:

Of course, if they ever read the same Gospel as the rest of us (which in fact they hear in every liturgy in its original language) they must have read or heard “if you do this to the least of my brethren you have done it to me”. 

First time in #Greece, Christians and Muslims prayed together on #Interfaith religious Ceremony for #refugeesGr in #Lesvos

On November 5th the Municipality of Lesvos and Mayor Spyros Galinos organised a solemn ceremony for sharing the grief and praying for the innocent victims of the “Aegean crime”more on our story on Crossrod Greece on tumblr

The natural reaction of every Orthodox Christian would be to try to help those in need, without asking them what religion they profess. You would want to hold the child that is crying, comfort the mother whose husband just drowned, provide food for the old man who cannot walk further because of exhaustion and malnutrition. 

As a priest faced with this tragedy, 

I would be inclined to raise my hands to the Lord 

and ask for mercy for those who died, as well as those still alive.

 If they just pulled out their dead from the sea, I would be inclined to offer consolation to the families by turning to God in prayer and supplication. Where else should I go? And if they choose to join me in prayer asking for the same things, should I stop them, because I will be violating a Canon. Is Orthodoxy reduced to a set of rules? Isn’t Love what Christ showed that should always be the rule of our lives?                                                                               s

Let the history 

speak itself

The Yeni Mosque (Greek: Γενί Τζαμί, from Turkish: Yeni Camii, "New Mosque") is a historical Ottoman mosque in Mytilini on the island Lesbos of Greece. on Ermou street in Epano Skala, the old Turkish neighborhood of Mytilene, at the center of the old Turkish market.

Lesvos (Turkish: Midilli) was under Ottoman rule between 1462-1912 and had a considerable Muslim population. The mosque was commissioned by the local governor (nazır), Kulaksızzade Mustafa Ağa, ca. 1825. 

In addition, a medrese (Muslim monastery) commissioned by Hacı Muhammed was built in the yard of the mosque, while the mufti's residence was built on the northern side of the yard.[1][2] The structure is built of stone, with a brick domed roof, combining elements of Byzantine and Ottoman architecture.  

After the population exchange between Greece and Turkey in the early 1920s, the Turkish population left the city and the mosque lost its community. Although the mosque was neglected for the remaining years, 35 volunteers, members of Aeolistas civil initiative group, cleaned the mosque in 2011. Presently, mayor Spiros Galinos promises to restore the mosque by using EU funds.

The Cathedral of Agios Athanasios, in the center of Mytilene, near the area of the southern port and is characterized as one of the most impressive works of post-Byzantine art .It was built during the end of the 16th century and it is a three-aisle cruciform basilica. In the church the relic of the new martyr Agios Theodoros of Byzantium -patron saint of the town - is kept, (he martyred in the year 1795 by the Turks).He saved though, Greeks and Turks from the Plague some years later, learn how... 

...just 185 years earlier 

“In the year 1832, the terrible, deadly disease, the plague, hit the population of Mytilene.

 Deaths occurred each day and were increasing in number. Residents were forced to abandon their homes and flee to the surrounding hills in the hope that they would not get the disease. And even the city authorities left their offices in the city and took refuge in the mountains.

 The government had sent for teams of doctors from Constantinople and medicines, none of which had any effect. ...'

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in the Christian Orthodox Cathedral, a few steps away from the Mosque.....  

When Church and Mosque were praying next 2 eachother

Litany as a Public Health therapy
...All the Christians, with faith and hope ran to the temple. They cried, beseeched God, and sought the help of the Saint, whom they learned had appeared in a dream to the Chancellor. They rose early and they hundreds. In the morning hours, the Metropolitan and the Chancellor descended into the church’s crypt, and removed the Holy Body of St. Theodore with reverence, and had a short procession around the church.

Since that time, no one else, neither Christian nor Turk, died from that plague. The city named St. Theodore their «patron», i.e. the protector of the city and of our island [Lesvos]. Turks and Greeks in every way confessed the miracle and showed their gratitude to God and their guardian Saint. Go to Cross Road Greece article

Let Diplomacy
be the Bridge

#Global Village Diplomacy 

#Greece to 

be part of the solution 

of the surrounding region crisis,  

#Interfaith dialogue

the only bridge of

 differences, said @tsipras_eu

“Even now in this difficult economic situation for the country, we feel obliged to take care of the refugees who arrive on the shores of our country,” stressed the Prime Minister ....more 

Greece's Foreign Minister Nikos 

Kotzias , November 6th, 2015 .Being at the crossroads of cultures and religions and a bridge between three Continents we are proud of the initiative of raising awareness of the issue of protection of ethnic and religious communities in the Middle East through the facilitation of interfaith dialogue for supporting  the religious and cultural pluralism that has been present in the region for at least 2,500 years. 

January 6, 2016
 Historic Epiphany Day for Greeks & Cypriots in Izmir & Famagusta

Epiphany Day was celebrated by the Greek Orthodox Church in Izmir, Turkey, for the first time in 94 years and in Famagusta after a 42-year-old absence.

Also known as Theofania or Fota, it is celebrated across Greece each year on January 6 commemorating the baptism of Jesus Christ by John the Baptist, according to the Orthodox Church, MORE by tornosnews.


Simply Human

Let the voice 

be the soul

The jury of the Council of Europe has awarded the 2016 Raoul Wallenberg Prize to Agkalia, a Greek association on the island of Lesvos, for its “outstanding achievements in providing frontline assistance to thousands of refugees irrespective of their origin and religion”.  Founded by Father Efstratios (“Papa-Stratis”), who passed away in September 2015, Agkalia sets a leading example of effective action by European civil society on a burning global issue” 

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Jesus was a Refugee newborn

Lesvos, alive the meaning of Christmas 2015
Remember the ancient story of a Middle Eastern family seeking refuge.
It was Jesus Christ family ! 
Merry Christmas by Greek2m,  December 24, 2015

Interfaith lessons 

True scenes

on the shores...


and then a muezzin appears adecenta the field and the road. By the Flying life jackets, thermal blankets and pieces of the zodiac that has brought them from Turkey, the boys on the shore , after they cleaned them from salt water they placed them on the makeshift collective mat designed with a wreck. And they all prayed... by  Dios, Yahvé y Allah en las playas de Lesbos 


Thankful 2our God, 

makeshift mosque threatened seriously
religious diplomacy

Τhe makeshift tent has the inscription «Mosque» and stands near the Reception Centre for refugees in Moria.

The case has already been set under the inspection of the Prosecutor and is thought as seriously concerning for Lesvos' Municiaplity auhtorities .

In the interior the tent-mosque is fitted with carpets and coffee tables with books on praying Muslims refugees.


January 16, 2016

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