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be aware of all the crucial for your Safety information in Greece, in ten points
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Latest, January 14, 2015

Greece, show Urgent Caution on Borders Control , says Europol

The warning contains the names of suspected terrorists, who are assumed to have accomplices in Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and Russia.

The European police agency is asking all EU members to Alert and notify for any movement through border control. more

1. the jihadists

New! updated, January3, 2015

January 2015: First Religious Crime in Greece
A heinous crime was committed in Piraeus last Thursday, but was totally ignored by the mainstream media. According to local reports, butchers murdered a 35 year-old Greek man by first beheading him, and then by dismembering his whole body. The young victim's body parts were found floating in the harbor of Piraeus.

The discovery of his dismembered body was filmed in a video and posted on the news site and there are some reports that are already claiming that this unprecedented crime was conducted by radical Islamists. The footage, which is only for 18+ audiences, not only confirms the story, but also shows the victim's body parts floating in the harbor.More, on Crossroad-Greece
Greece intelligence on alert for traveling Islamist militants
By Anthee Carassava, SEPTEMBER 9, 2014

Greece’s National Intelligence Service said Tuesday that it was at “a heightened state of vigilance” for suspected militants, keeping close tabs on radical Muslims, and had detected at least six foreign fighters with the terrorist group Islamic State transiting through the country in recent months.

The surveillance operation comes amid concern that the militant group, formerly known as  Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, or ISIS, will retaliate for increased U.S airstrikes in Iraq and possible strikes in Syria

Go to the original article by Anthee Carassava

More Than 80 Jihadists are Believed to Be in Greece

September 10, by Greek Reporter
Greek authorities are in constant contact with intelligence agencies in the US, France and the UK, as it is estimated that there are about 80-100 jihadists in the country, who either live or currently visiting Greece in order to go to Syria

According to information, these people have family or friendly relations with Muslim fanatics in European countries. It is also possible that some of them might have European passports and use them to travel in Europe and the Middle East.

Some are under police surveillance, while European countries inform Greece about Syrians and Iraqis living in the country who have family or friendly relations with jihadists who live mainly in Britain and France. Until today, three jihadist extremists of French nationality have been arrested. more 

Jihadists returning to the UK from Syria are the cause of terror threat level increase FEARS about jihadists returning to Britain from Syria and Iraq were "directly responsible" for the decision to raise the official terror threat level, Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond told MPs today.  more, on our  Cross-Road Greece on Tumblr

New! updated, January3, 2015

Bioterror:¨the nightmare 

ISIS fighters ‘have contracted Ebola’: World Health Organisation investigating reports militants showed up at Iraqi hospital with lethal disease

  • Extremist group said to have executed 11 Mosul doctors in past few weeks
  • Militants allegedly attended hospital in Mosul showing signs of disease
  • WHO spokesman said they are trying to ‘reach out’ to officials in ISIS areasDisease reportedly brought to Mosul by ‘terrorists from several countries’e

2. Mediterranean bio safety: On threat, obviously

Norman Atlantic Ferry: How many of UNKNOWN identity, COUNTRY of Origin, and MEDICAL SCREENING STATUS, IMMIGRANTS were travelling by the ferry under the nose of the Greek Authorities? Why nobody is taliking for this?
Greek government seems not to want to know.

Above,immigrant partient just recued at the ferry, one of the unkown number of passengers that was not declared before departing. Ohters that were with him were lost, he said
. GO to full story

Exclusive! :Summer 2014

Traveling to or from the Aegean islands?  illicit immigrants may be traveling with you! 

SOS, WATCH YOUR Hygiene and Safety

EMERGENCY REPORT : Go to the Greek2m Xclusive story, June 25,2014

In August 15, the Newsweek Magazine revealed that Albanian police had detained 40 illegal immigrants from Africa and five of them had been kept under quarantine after exhibiting symptoms of Ebola, as newspaper Vecer had reported, the Newsweek had wrote. GO TO FULL STORY
The Pisa Hospital scenario
Now, Europe is fearing the worst. Residents of Pisa fear that illegal immigrants have already brought the Ebola virus to their front door. A hospital in Pisa, where a large percentage of the patients are illegal aliens, has been locked down and is under quarantine. The Italian Health Industry has not said what contagion has prompted the lockdown of the Pisa hospital. Residents of Pisa are noting that the hospital holds patients who are illegal aliens from countries like Guinea with recent cases of Ebola Read more

3. Bombs

                  New! Updated January5, 2015

Greek fugitive Christodoulos Xiros refuses he ‘planned jail raid’, as the Greek Police accuses him. His lawer totally refuses the map the police claims was found in the apartment the terrorist was staying lately, although the terrorist himself confessed the explosive material and the Kalaznicof guns were on his posession .But later on , the Police investigation found that the guns were not used at any criminal or terrosit recent attcks He was enjoying his free life, his lawer said, talking to the Greek media, and he was "expecting the latest days his arrest ". The lawer explained that the terrorist had noticed the police following him , and he managed to walk out alone, as to not involve anyone else of the poeple that were havng contact with him . Moodhacker, Greek to me ! , January5, 2015,

Large car bomb explosion outside Greece’s central bank

Thursday morning, hours before Angela Mercel's arrival in Athens, shaked buildings for blocks around but causing no injuries. The blast came as the Greek government announced a triumphant return to international bond markets for the first time in a four-year economic crisis, in which the government accepted multibillion-euro bailouts from international creditors in exchange for austerity conditions that have left many Greeks struggling financially

More By NYT, April 10, 2014

How smart the smart? On the airport area.
Out of the blue, look what happened on the road, near the entrance of the Venizelos airport. Unexplainable explosion csted in just a few minutes the life othe driver , ealry Monday Morning.
 Police is investigating even the clothing of the driver, for possible explosive findings
. December 29, 2014, More

4.Terror in the letters

Bullets sent to Supreme Court prosecutors Anonymous note calls for release of unnamed prisoners, Monday 12, Read more by enetenglish

  • Genetic match  of the veteran extremist who left prison by allowance  found on the envelope bomb mechanism that had been sent to the Police...
In a statement, Greek police said DNA found on the bomb sent to Itea police station, central Greece, "is identical" to DNA detected in a car used by Christodoulos Xiros to go into hiding while he was on prison leave earlier this year.More, on our Greek to me ! fully updated article, May 4, 2014

Terror in the letters!

A bomb made of gunpowder stuffed inside a large envelope was addressed to appeals court prosecutor on late August while he was out of Athens for vacation.The reciever thought  the envelope, whose return address was the Greek chapter of an international NGO, looked suspicious and he threw it to the ground. The envelope burst into flames.Earlier in this summer also, in July 2013, a letter bomb was intercepted at the Association of Prosecuting Magistrates . 

FULL STORY by AP, Washington Post

5. terror in your hands: Are you really in Greece cyber-safe ?


Hackers and security researchers are moving away from simply trying to break into — or protect — people’s e-mail accounts, stealing credit cards and other dirty digital deeds. Now they’re exploring vulnerabilities to break through the high-tech security of homes, cause car accidents or in some extreme cases, kill people who use implanted medical devices.“Once any single computer in a car is compromised, safety of the vehicle goes out the window,” Modern cars typically have 10 to 40 little computers in them.Right now, there aren’t a lot of ways for hackers to remotely attack cars: Bluetooth, wireless tire sensors, telematics units,” he added. “But as cars get Internet connections, things will get easier for the attacker.” more

Two Greek famous bitcoin hackers, the arrest and the Facebook thanks

July 5, 2014 Two Greek hackers who managed to drive crazy 250,000 computers and their users worldwide, Facebook itself, and the Privacy Security system of Facebook also
The Chief of Computer Crime Unit of Greece, Brigadier Emmanouil Sfakianakis emphasized that this cases’ impacts had become extremely severe on the global Internet computer system. “We managed to avert a significant threat of digital safety which caused big problems to millions of internet users around the world.”

The Greek hackers used mainly  Facebook as to access members, users, their friends and social media communities, as to provide the malware, codenamed as «Lecpetex», and were using the virus for electronic wallets and digital-virtual coins , the bitcoins, production They were  transfering the passwords to electronic wallets of their controll, and finbally they turned virtual bitcoins to real money , real Euros ... Such a business ! Go to Greek to me full story on WordPress


What the New Security Airport measures, mean exactly to you and your gadgets 

All passengers flying into or out of the UK will have to be able to prove electronic and electrical devices in their hand luggage are sufficiently charged to be switched on.

What gadgets are included?

The DfT guidance includes devices such as:

  • Phone
  • Tablet
  • Laptop
  • Mp3 player
  • Electrical shaver
  • Travel iron
  • Hairdryer
  • Hair-straighteners
  • Camera or other camera equipment
The general advice applies to anything "with a battery", so other items such as handheld games consoles and e-readers could also be checked More, by the BBC , July 9, 2014

7. Terror in the waters

 (earlier story, summer 2013)


in blue waters?

Sailing on Aegean, from Chios to Lesvos, across to Turkey and back, an international terrorists'  boat by final destination still unknown

A senior German Spy, a "most wanted" Turkish Terrorist, a boat, some Greeks, more immigrants, and two Greek islands

Look what an inflatable boat, sailing open from Chios island ,simply brought out .

An unbelievable unravel of Aegean Matters, and more 

go to Fishing the Terror! All that happens in Aegean full article

7. Aegean:
 the  pool of anonymity transit for Greeks, tourists,  immigrants and spies


New! Updated January1,2015 

Immigrants' tsunami
chocking the Aegean islands


Four Turkish nationals jailed in Athens, while

Turkey has become a principal financial hub for terrorists , automatic weapons and several kilograms (pounds) of explosives. Turkey has become a principal financial hub for terrorists under the leadership of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, whose government has helped Iran skirt sanctions, supported jihadi groups in Syria, and provided financial backing toHamas, according to a new report by the Foundation for Defense of Democracies (FDD), More, By mignatiou, Feb22.2014., visit also  Coutrt.US, feb14

Ship carrying weapons from Ukraine
detained in the waters 
of Greece

  • 20 thousand of AK-47 explosives

Turks dip their toes in Greek waters

after Greece facilitated visa obtainment by providing visas at border gates to the Greek islands on cruise ships,or on mini daily trips, more on.eTN Travelindustry

A German,



go to the incredible details on Full story by  greek2m News: 

Fishing the terror! All that happens in Aegean...

.Latest Update: A Serious, Senior German Spy. Out of the blue? Or not ..


8. At the end of the day:
Is Greece the West's back door (open)?

Greece doesn't know how many immigrants are in the country.

How many came, how many left. Where from, or where to.

Often, the authorities don't know either, where immigrants that are arrested do come from. Unknown idedinty , unknown trafficking paths, unknown numbers, unknown country of origin full story

President Obama: Al Qaeda and other extremist groups "have metastasized" into regional organizations 

"We will continue to evaluate information about these and all of our posts and to take appropriate steps to best protect the safety of our personnel, American citizens traveling overseas and visitors to our facilities,"State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki said in a statement in late July when all  U.S. diplomatic posts had closed late in July in a sweeping response to fears of a possible al Qaeda attack will reopen Sunday, the State Department said.

go to today's CNN article

Safety threats to Greece by  the Travel State gov


Government remains deeply concerned about the heightened threat of terrorist attacks against U.S. citizens and interests abroad. Like other countries that are members of the Schengen Agreement for free cross-border movement, Greece's open borders with other members of the Schengen zone allow for the possibility of terrorist groups entering/exiting the country with anonymity. As the first entry point into Schengen from points south and east, Greece's long coastline and many islands increase the possibility that foreign-based terrorists might try to enter Europe through its borders

9. the basics:
What is terror and What honor

Terror in Greece, the US Embassy and the 4th of July

July 4TH, 2014
United States Strongly Objects to Event Honoring 17 November..

that took place in the Athens law School !


The Embassy of the United States of America in Greece expressed its strong objection to the event held on June 27 at the University of Athens Law School and organized by the School of Economic and Political Sciences in honor of the book by convicted 17 November terrorist Dimitris Koufontinas.  The prisoner spoke by phone from prison. This event was not a matter of academic freedom but an effort for a convicted murderer to make money from book sales.  Such an event is offensive to the memory of 17 November’s victims and to their survivors, the Embassy emphasized .... more by moodhackerblog

The New International Preparedness

 New "Frankenbombers"  SOS! since  summer2013

US Officials remain vigilant around Mediterranean: surgical implanted devices the new nondetectable techniques 

threat for transport communications 

Click on the image for

Travel Gov 

Breaking News:  Up to 31 of August 2013, 21 US  Embassies will stay closed in most of Middle East and North Africa countries. Learn All the Details for US Citizens protection OVERSEAS and get prepared.

In addition to the new liquid bomb, a U.S. official said American spy agencies are concerned the attack could use what some call "Frankenbombers," suicide bombers who could carry an improvised explosive device sewn into their body cavity.

There are growing concerns that an al Qaeda affiliate could use a new generation of liquid explosive, currently undetectable, in a potential attack, according to two senior U.S. government officials briefed on the terror threat that has prompted the closing of nearly two dozen U.S. embassies.

Though the Transportation Security Administration has long been concerned about liquid explosives being used in potential devices -- as it was during the failed Christmas Day bombing in 2009 -- the new tactic allows terrorists to dip ordinary clothing into the liquid to make the clothes themselves into explosives once dry. "It's ingenious," one of the officials said.

Another senior official said that the tactic would not be detected by current security measures.

The officials said the new technique is believed to have been developed by the Yemen-based al Qaeda affiliate al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), home to notorious alleged bomb maker Ibrahim al-Asiri. Al-Asiri is suspected of being the mastermind behind several devious explosive devices including the underwear bomb and surgically implanted body bombs.