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the praise  of beauty by the Greeks to their gods,
Art like a pray ....

The American classics scholar, Jon D. Mikalson, of the divine origins in Greek architecture, the “inclination” of the Greeks “to give to their gods only what was beautiful.” The result of this piety, he says, “filled their cities and villages… with temples, statues and dedications of unsurpassed beauty.”

According to Mikalson:

Most of what we think of as characteristically Greek in architecture, sculpture, mythology, lyric poetry, tragedy, and comedy owned its origins and, especially in the Classical period, its development to the religious institutions and practices of the Greek people

The Parthenon was the jewel of Greek religion. Like an ageless celestial mirror, it also reflected the power, patriotism, democracy and artistic and technical achievements of Athens, the premier Greek polis in the fifth century BCE.

Artemide, the godess of hunting, Louvres

Latest update 
July 2016

Bid to force the UK to return the Elgin Marbles to Greece thrown out by the European Court of Human Rights

July 20, 2016 

The court ruled that because the alleged theft of the sculptures from the 2,500-year-old Parthenon temple took place more than 150 years before the UK signed up to the human rights convention, it did not have the power to consider the lawsuit. ...go to story 

The Hague convention 

for the protection of cultural property in the event of armed conflict, originally drawn up in 1954 and amended in 1999, is an international treaty that stemmed from the destruction and appropriation of cultural objects in the second world war.

The convention provides protection for cultural heritage in international law, prohibiting looting, theft, vandalism and reprisals against cultural property and barring the use of cultural property for military purposes except in exceptional circumstances. Importantly, it also forbids the export of cultural property from occupied territories and makes provision for the return of objects deposited with third-party territories for safekeeping during conflict.

Yet the UK is one of the only western powers not to have ratified the convention.,. The Guardian, April 2014  

Stolen art cannot be brushed over, so sign the UK up to the Hague convention

Is this Bullying ?
 ( on Greek morale ) 

“…No ancient stones are going to wake up this generation. A city without a soul, is just a mob."

Holding our breaths, such bitter phrase never to come true, the Greeks, crave some hope through the words of the movies nowadays, which obviously say things more bravely than actually the live soul of the nation could do. As is ,the “Someone has to stand up for Greece. Make the case for her”, the most powerful phrase of the Promakxos movie , which tells the Elgines’, and not only, Greece’s story to the world on behalf of a desecrated soul of a nation .

A nation in crisis…

A town out of hope…

Justice Returns to Athens

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Clooney, come, and bring them home! ...

George Clooney, has bought a plane ticket to Athens, according to sources. The actor, who has won the hearts of Greeks with his ardent protection of the cause relating to the return of the Parthenon Marbles to the Acropolis Museum, will arrive in Athens in the coming months.
    He was invited by Minister of Culture Panos Panagiotopoulos to shine, with his presence, at the opening of the new building of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Athenswrote the gr reporter in early June, 2014 .

Clooney maximising the Movie- efect on the Greek antiquities Awareness campaign. How all started

At a press conference in London Fen. 11, Clooney called for “an open discussion” on the fate of the ancient friezes. Both the Vatican and the J. Paul Getty Museum had sent parts back, Clooney said, raising the question “of whether or not one piece of art should be, as best as possible, put back together.”

Greek Culture Minister Panos Panagiotopoulos thanked Clooney for his support, calling him “an active citizen and creative artist who adamantly defends what is just and good.”

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It takes a walk
to love you Greece.....

"I was so wrong!"

Howard Jacobson"For years I have argued against holidays and giving back the Elgin Marbles. I was wrong about both,
But a funny thing happens, reader, when you wander round the marvellous Acropolis Museum in Athens and note a signal absence, and an even funnier thing happens when you find yourself dining with Greeks on a rooftop restaurant beneath the Parthenon itself.Suddenly, you know the Marbles don’t belong to you. A mad impulse grips me. I will get them back for you, I want to say!..."

Let the Caryatis Sing

 in London 

.The internationally renowned Soprano Sonia Theodoridou together with her distinguished husband, Maestro Theodore Orphanides, have established a cultural movement known as the “Beautiful Greece”, on which the Famous Soprano has plainly commented "The Art should Help People" In order to alert the public for the return of the Parthenon marbles to its rightful place Sonias Theodoridou impressed team have taken the initiative to present a unique performance / protest. The women chore dressed as Karyatis sang in the streets of London for the repatriation of the Parthenon Marbles . The event is  directed by Elda Panopoulou, and the music by Pantelis Pavlidis.

The event took took place at the pavilion of Saint Sophias’ Greek Orthodox Church, located at Moscow Road, Bayswater, London, W2 4LQ on Sunday, June 8th,  following the Sunday service at 1.00 p.m.

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"The art should help People"

An extremely important quest

that began many years ago,

by the remarkable and unforgettable Melina Merkouri

and the continuous growing list of world wide personalities together with high level officials, people of the Arts and Scolars have all embraced the idea that the Greek Marbles must be returned to their place of origin: the Parthenon.

This for many is not a dream or a request….it is a life’s commitment.  notes the London Greek Radio 

UNESCO for Greece

Recalling Greece’s interest in UNESCO’s standard-setting action in the area of culture, the Minister of Culture  PanosPanagiotoppoulos had emphasized in particular the importance of the

  •   1970 Convention concerning the trafficking of cultural property,

  • the 2003 Convention for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage,
  • the 1972 Convention concerning the Protection of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage and
  •  the 1954 Convention for the Protection of Cultural Property in the Event of Armed Conflict 

By a top diplomatic gesture , some months before the start of the Greek Presidency of the Euroepan Union, Mr Panagiotopoulos had kindly  expressed his hope and Greece's expectations  that UNESCO could use its persuation to the authorities of the United Kingdom as a facilitator in the matter of the Parthenon sculptures. In that regard, he referred to the mediation and conciliation roles played in 2010 in the context of the UNESCO Intergovernmental Committee for Promoting the Return of Cultural Property to its Countries of Origin or its Restitution in Case of Illicit Appropriation.

The first, repatriated

The two masterpieces had been acquired through the "dark" streets of antiquities purchased in 1975 by the State Museum of Baden (Badisches Landesmuseum) in Karlsruhe, Germany, where they  remained as exhibits for 38 years. During the last three years negotiations proceeded between Greek and German authorities.

The fact of repatriation became finaly reality on Friday 6, June 6,  at noon, in a ceremony held in the hall of the Altar at the National Archaeological Museum-where the pre-cycladic art masterpieces  will remain from now on , go to our Greek2m Full story