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Germany’s insistence has reduced Greece to a condition like that of the United States at the bottom of the Great Depression, wrote Washington Post three days after Alexis Tsipras’ election on January 2015.

  Stuck on a treadmill of debt repayment and anemic economic activity, Greece, Financial Times WROTEhas been reduced to a “quasi-slave economy” run “purely for the benefit of foreign creditors.”

Why can’t Germany apply the lessons of its own past to today’s economic challenge?,
 asks the author of Washingtn Post article Harold Meyerson on January 28  2015.

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 Secret Athens Report: Berlin Owes Greece Billions in WWII reparations (on April, 2013)"

The total could be enough to solve the country's debt problems,but the Greek government is wary of picking a fight with its paymaster.panel of experts, commissioned by the Greek Finance Ministry, spent months working on the report -- an 80-page file classified as "top secretMore by Spiegel Article

No Mr. President, by the President

March 2014 German President Joachim Gauck dismissed Greek demands for Nazi-era war crimes and looting compensation  in visit to Greece instead offering a fund to “remind Germans of their past”, go to the article by crashonline.

he hero

EU vote:  first among Greek votes elected MEP, the "Greek resistance" hero, Glezos, Syriza
91, in 1941 tore down the Nazi swastika from the Acropolis

25 APRIL,2014 (ANSAmed) - ROME, APRIL 25 -

Greece's main opposition party, the Coalition of the Radical Left (SYRIZA), announced on Thursday that its candidates for May's European parliamentary elections would include historic resistance fighter and national MP Manolis Glezos.

Glezos, aged 91, who in May 1941 tore down the Nazi swastika from the Acropolis weeks after the country was occupied by the Germans, is understood to be seeking a place in the European Parliament in order to raise Greece's claims on Germany for reparations from the Second World War as well as the repayment of the forced occupation loan.
"The German war reparations, which were never addressed by the current government, will be brought up by Manolis Glezos in the very first meeting of the European Parliament," said Tsipras in his statement.
 It won't be his first term as an MEP, as he was elected for PASOK in the June 1984 European Parliament elections, a seat he resigned after only six months.
The political leadership of SYRIZA will meet again on Friday to announce formally its MEP candidates, thus confirming the last two slots following the recent turmoil caused by the candidacy of Roma activist Sabiha Suleiman. The oldest member of the outgoing EU parliament is former Italian Prime Minister Ciriaco de Mita, who turned 86 in February. 2014 .

Recent: January 22, 2015

Bloomberg: Let Greece profit from German history
As with Germany in 1953, the real issue is Greece’s need for debt relief, not whether it is deserved

The overwhelming truth about the Greek debt crisis is that it’s a massive distraction. Greece accounts for a mere 2% of the eurozone economy and the EU population. This doesn’t mean that Greece should be pushed around, still less pushed out of the eurozone. It means the very opposite: the crisis should be resolved, and largely on Greece’s terms.

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The swastika on the Akropolis, by Wikipedia ,
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The Picture above is launched by Deutsche Welle, one year before, showing Acropolis,( small ), on the background, and the Greek flags inverted, by the cross of the Greek flag shown as cut off  .

Symbolic, isn't it ?

German soldiers and working children in Kavala, during the great famine in Greece, 1941 Unknown photographer

 Released  by Wikipedia January 16, 2014t

Kids singing for money on the streets of Plaka , usually overcroweded by tourists. Today , 2014

NEIN  by Angela! 

( April 18, 2014)

Asked by the Real News Easter Sunday 2014 Newspaper edition Angela Merckel spokesman said that his government's position is tha all issues concerning compensations from WW2 are totally and definitively resolved.

There can be no process under which any government, or specific members thereof, such as Foreign ministers, can negotiate compensations”, added the German government spokesman. Still, the Greek government is leaking that the issue is in the final stages of being presented to Germany.More , by the Toc