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"…No ancient stones are going to wake up this generation.
A city without a soul, is just a mob."

A nation in crisis…

A town out of hope…

Justice Returns to Athens more

101-year-old  Greek Taxi driver, ready to give you a lift!  the man reportedly renewed his driving licence for another three years, and has probably become the oldest driver in all of Europe. The report states that the elderly man traveled from the island of Kephalonia to the city of Patras in order to renew his license for another three years.

his is
Greek Blue ZEN

....."Whoever has seen Greece will carry forever in his heart the remembrance of a miracle of light. 

No blinding glare, no blazing colors,

but an all-pervading, luminous brightness which bathes the foreground in a delicate glow,

yet makes the furthest distances

clearly visible. "

Walter F. Howe, author of  "The Homeric Gods," INTRODUCTION TO Apollo study

 after his visit to Greece in 1924

fava Santorini, by greek2m

What makes Greece
  make our
happy ?

. It may be the colors, it may be the air. The sea breeze, and especially the Aegean breeze are definitely a unique aura that captures the body and embraces all your being.
Happiness in Greece, catch the moment and smile, by Greek2m

From today's celebrities around the world to the famous poets and writers of older and contemporary times, the feeling of meeting Greece is often described as meeting another stage of being

Intellectual people of the world have found this sense penetrative enough, to get inspired, and write about this instant high, that Greece signs on whoever meets her. What is it about? 

Let's discover, piece by piece.....


Stay with us, 24/7

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Greece narure, amin sea viw, only in Greece, by greek2m

Relax with us!

This is so greek2m
We connected all the scientific dos with the "surrounding, Greece".
Could be also digital.
Through Greek2m, know
how you really
should relax on an earthy paradise...
Follow the steps, link to ZEN apps, and take advantage of the Greece's power of nature to fully detox of any winter blues your mind and body could carry, and meet the bright blue Zen

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"To be thoroughly and completely lazy, thoroughly and completely indifferent to the fate of the world,  is the finest medicine a man can give himself. ...'', " That voyage. . .was the apex of my happiness, my joy, a very great eye-opener. . . "

Henry Miller in Greece in 1942

Greek local people, graphic, by Greek2m

Greek Centenarians: How they do it ?

As it seems, the longevity cocktail is based on a fourfold -package of lifestyle choices that contribute to mind and body wellness .These are

  • exercise,
  • healthy diet,
  • family cohesion
  • and the "relaxed" view of things – a wisdom of “beyond being” on the stressful matters of life ,
which brings, for example, the Ikarians to recognize the foreigners among them by checking if they wear a watch.
If yes, they are definitely NOT Ikarians. For more , Go to Greek Centenarian Menu Page
nature waterfalls in Greece, by greek2m
Welcome to the Greek Blue Zone, You can stay forever...!

...It’s a mind and body combination of factors on a lifestyle that takes place away from big cities, driven from our ancient ancestors’ roots on Medicine, and kept alive since then, on the island of Ikaria especially.

By recent Research Ikaria popped up among the five and only in the world countries of the Blue Zones

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by moodhacker

Travelers' Healthy Navigation by Greek2m

Greek2m Travel Pet : In town or on islands,  Keep me happy next to, you please!

What a beach, by Greek2m
Greek tourism, catch the moment, walk in the land of Gods, by greek2m

"It takes a walk to love you, Greece..."
Go to our Greek2m Summer 2014 edition and get the vibe that makes Greece of the most popular destinations on globe Feel why, by greek2m
Greek yogurt, by greek2m

Find that yoghourt! You have to
Pop in the world, Best for health, it is
a happy, and a sexy food too
Santorini, by greek2m
China group wedding in greece, greek2m

Marry me in Greece!
Be your Myth and keep it alive

En masse,on the Greek islands. The Chinese rose weddings in Crete, and more Chinese mass weddings. Go to our special Page

Step on


land of


Celebrate your senses and map your pleasure 

Wake up cheerful and get to live with  the lust of a real Greek centenarian

Discover how to lift your Health  and Happiness in the splash of every single summer moment.

Navigate your footsteps by the wisdom of this very blessed piece of earth...

Greek blue Zen, by Greek2m

You are located at one of the most healthy lands on earth.  Blessed geo physically, the Greek Motherland has nourished since ancient times the mind and body of the western culture man. Still, the sunny land nowadays provides a reach variety of its "bio treasures" that promise a happy mind-body unforgettable experience

The greek2m mobile Guide is your live social media friend on hand, available anytime anyplace, as a 24/7 life navigator for the Greek land,  to help you and your beloved ones get the most of  the longevity secrets of the country, and on the same time be for you always on the ALERT for any life threatening circumstances

Don't miss:  the Real Greek Good Life

It's almost cheap, blessed and delicious...
The original Greek goods make all the senses light up, feed the cells of mind and body,  and guarantee longevity, while giving your mood a boost. An Euphoric one...

Find all the goods, the real ones, straight from the the Greek motherland
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the Greek passion

Little England, by greek2m
To Hollywood! The  Little England, known in Greece as Mikra Anglia, has been submitted for the Best Foreign-Language Film category at the 87th Academy Awards.
Set on the island of Andros in the 1930s and 1940s, the film is based on the bestselling novel by Voulgaris’ wife, Ioanna Karistiani. It centres how a community copes while the men of the island spend long periods on ships around the world. Learn more on greek2m eye

romance in Greece, by Greek2m
Love is in the air
Wherever around , there is a love story in the streets of Greece, or in some corner of the picturesque landscapes, spreading its passion and romantic vibes in the air.

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* Catch that moment! *

Catch that moment

the Smiles

Take them
with you

catch my eye, greek2m
Channel on Greek Zen happiness, Elafonissos Greece,Greek2m

Sweet Late Greek Summer .

Visit our Greek2m Galleries and make your Own Happy Memories Photo Kit an album , mini notebook or diary, by Greek2mPhoto Blog 

Our passion to feed you with live, exciting greek2m experiences, made us to inevitably remake our Homepage, as to best transfer you this transparency of light and mood, the way we, instantly, felt  this summer, as we run away from the hectic city 

No matter how small vacation time is, the point is, as science finds out, to mostly achieve your mind and body piece, restart your body and being, and refocus on your pleasure, purpose and meaning of life.

You need your vacation, and this is why, Greek2m tells you  

Other studies also have shown that Happiness is spreading,let's make Happiness contagious. Go to our photo galleries and learn why memories make up Happiness too, and visit also our Happiness In Greece Page

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The bad eye? Oh, yes!

Learn how the Greek light, and  the Greeks' prayer do send away the bad vibes
from the bad eye! Fatigue syndrome, headaches and, often, breathing problems, are healed in Greece by a prayer of a friend, relative, or someone who knows the prayers' words. caused by envy , hatred or just other peoples' bad mood, According to Greek tradition these symptoms are often caused by other people; bad mood, envy or jealousy Find out more, Greek to me !

catch your zen in Greece, by greek2m